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A potential expatriate 'should research' Australia

For anyone hoping to become an expatriate in Australia, researching the best places to buy before moving is essential, according to TheMoveChannel.com

Dan Johnson, director at the property portal, said that people should look at the areas that are being explored by the mining companies as this will likely provide cheap homes that will appreciate in value.

"Look at the areas that are on the fringes of that, where you could move to and follow that trend," he said.

Mr Johnson went on to say that some areas of the Australian property market will have a bright 2009 in the context of the global economic slowdown, which has hit the housing sectors in Europe.

"There are certain areas within Australia, particularly in south Australia, that are going to benefit in ways that the national economy won’t do," he added.

The thinkingaustralia.com website reported this month that the average price for a two-bed house was £319,000 in Sydney.

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