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8 Things Every Traveller Must Have for Keeping Safe

Whether you plan on being away for a month or one year, investing in your personal safety is right up there next to choosing the destinations and booking the flights. Things can feel particularly overwhelming in a foreign country so it is best to take some time to browse the abundance of safety tech, apps and gadgets available on the market to make your globe-trotting safer.

Best for Areas With Zero Signal

For the adventurous traveller, it is likely you will end up in locations where there is no mobile phone signal. Whether you are hiking, kayaking, or any activity that may take you to an inhospitable location, it may be worth investing in the SPOT Gen3. The device allows you to let family or friends know you are safe and it can send your GPS location to emergency responders. It just takes a press of the SOS function.

Best for Female Travellers

Although many personal alarms are marketed towards female globe-trotters, they can be utilised by anybody. There are countless personal security alarms on the market, some can be attached to keys or worn around the neck or wrist. The best are rip cord activated alarms; this means you just have to yank the cord from the device to start the incredibly loud alarm. Many also have a very bright LED flashlight to help people assess where you are located and come to your aid.

Best for Clean Water

Having access to bottled water is not always possible when travelling. However, we are all well aware that we can’t lap up water from outdoor sources or hostel taps unless we want to risk serious illness. Luckily, the Grayl Ultralight water bottle can turn dirty water into drinkable water.

The bottle uses a carbon filter to rid the water of bacteria, chemicals, viruses and particulates in less than 15 seconds.

Best for Clumsy Hands

Many of us take our smartphones travelling so that we can connect to the internet and upload photos or book flights. However, having an expensive phone, particularly around water, can be risky. To save yourself any stress, Over Board produce waterproof cases for iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones. They come with lanyards and shoulder straps to keep them attached to you and can be submerged up to 6 meters so you can get snapping whilst snorkelling.

Best for Solo Travellers

If you know you will be staying in a single occupancy room in a hostel or hotel, you may want to give yourself added peace of mind as a solo traveller. Addalock are portable security door locks which can be installed and removed in a matter of seconds. They fit virtually any standard door and give additional security and privacy.

Best for Important Documents

Having a paper copy of all your relevant travel documentation is ideal, but what happens if it becomes lost or stolen? Even the most highly organised amongst us admit that things do go amiss when travelling, no matter how rigorous your daily checking. To save any stress, scan all your important documents onto a computer and upload the images to a wearable USB stick. Many are very subtle and can be worn around the wrist or as a necklace.

Best for Your Health

We know it puts a knot in your stomach, but you can fall ill or have an accident whilst abroad. Nobody is immune and, for this reason, it is imperative to invest in comprehensive private medical insurance. This will ensure you get the level of care you need quickly and efficiently in a private hospital.

Best for Wi-Fi Use

With many travellers connecting their smartphones to public WiFi networks, they are prone to hacks and their personal data being stolen. To stop this happening, download Norton’s WiFi privacy app. This securely encrypts the VPN connection on public WiFi hotspots so strangers cannot get hold of your details.

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