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8 questions all expats seeking health insurance should ask

1. Can I get insurance through my or my partner’s employer?

Expats moving abroad for work are very likely to gain health insurance through their employers. They tend to offer very good coverage for a range of medical issues. You pay just the same amount towards the health plan as every other employee. Only some plans choose to cover the employer’s spouse so it is important to forward any questions regarding this to the HR department.

2. What kind of cover do I need?

Worldwide coverage isn’t needed for everyone. If you are looking for treatment both back home and in your new country of residence, then obtaining international health insurance is a good idea.

3. Will I need the health insurance to cover visits to the doctors?

Outpatient care is an added option for those seeking cover for visits to see their GPs or for physiotherapy for example. Take a look at what the local healthcare system offers. It may cover several of the services you are looking for. If not, add outpatient care to the insurance plan.

4. Will I need any type of routine check-ups?

If dental care is high up on your list, then search for a plan that covers it. Dental care in general, is very expensive, especially abroad. You will need cover for the basics such as routine check-ups and fillings as well as difficult dental treatment like crown repairs and dentures.

5. Are there any travel limits?

Sometimes a charge is in place if transport to back home or to another country is needed following a major accident. Check what the limits are. See whether the plan realistically covers the cost of transportation if it were ever needed.

6. Are there any existing medical conditions that will need to be covered?

These include conditions that you are currently suffering from or conditions you may have suffered from in the past. It is important to declare these to your insurance providers and to also check whether the policy includes them.

7. What are the benefits?

Does the medical plan include such things like mental health care and physical therapy? If you need routine prescription medication, check if it is on the lists of drugs covered. Find out exactly what is included before making a decision.

8. Will I need to think about maternity cover?

This is especially important if you are thinking about having a child when abroad or are pregnant during your travels. Routine maternity care is an additional option that can be added to your plan. This will cover the likes of scans, check-ups and delivery. Emergency treatment during childbirth is usually covered regular check-ups may not be.

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