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8 Places to Travel on a Budget

There are so many places to visit in the world and drawing up a shortlist can be a challenge! One of the key factors in this process is the cost. Often, it is the fear of the cost that deters you from putting a more extravagant place on the list.

So that is why we have compiled this list of 8 places to give you the trip you dreamed of without breaking the bank.

No matter where you end up going, it is always important to factor in the non-negotiables. Worldwide travel insurance will protect you from a host of potential travel issues. Whereas variable standards in international healthcare mean that a healthcare insurance policy should be high on the agenda.

Before you do that though, check out our suggestions and discover somewhere new!


Southeast Asia is one of the destinations listed by many as a high priority. The thing is, there are so many places within the area and narrowing it down can be hard. That is why we have gone with Cambodia to start with.

Flights on SkyScanner come in at a little under £500 but once you arrive, you will be more or less spending loose change on experiencing somewhere full of beauty, incredible food and culture.

Cambodia has its own currency but does tend to prefer the use of the US dollar. You can use the Riels but that is normally used out in the countryside or by a few street traders.

A night in a hotel can cost as little as £15, whilst a beer is less than £1. Add in the street food stalls selling their wares for as little as £2 and you can enjoy a day exploring for less than £20.

There is lots to see in Cambodia, too much to list in this small guide! However, we would highly recommend a trip to the Killing Fields in a tuk-tuk and a visit to the Prasat Preah Vihear mountain temple.

Czech Republic – Prague in particular!

A favourite with stag weekends, Prague has lots more to offer than a cheap few days drinking. A city full of history, stunning architecture and national parks, it is easy to enjoy your time here without spending much money. A meal can easily set you back less than £10 and, in some places, a beer or a wine rings up at as little as £1. Accommodation can vary and due to the number of party-goers flooding the budget hotels, an Airbnb can sometimes be the best option. Expect around the £25 mark for one of those.

Getting to Prague is just as cheap – flights can be as low as £20. Once you have arrived and checked in, you can browse the old town square and watch live music, enjoy street performers and relax among a multitude of bars.

Central America – Anywhere!

El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala are the three countries in South America that really stand out. All offer ancient ruins, jungle treks and a distinct sense of real traveling. Budget hotels costing less than £10, food for about £2 and a beer for less than £1 all make up for a far-flung getaway that doesn’t break the bank. You’ll also find blue seas, white sands and hot weather. Mix these in with all the other factors and you have a holiday that you’ll remember.

Infuse this with the guided tours that transport you to the heart of the countries and you really embrace the traveler vibe.

Flights start at just under £500.


Heading back to Europe, Bulgaria pops up on our list as somewhat of a surprise, no doubt to some readers. For those who have been before, high praise is indeed sung about it. Stunning mountains, long beaches, quirky old towns and plenty of culture are all provided in Bulgaria. Head to Plovdiv for a feast of food, history and scenery. It offers loads of free walking tours enabling you to discover more whilst spending less.

Staying in Bulgaria is relatively cheap too. You can find a decent city centre hotel for around £20 per night but there are plenty of hostel and Airbnb options available too. Food is also cheap so you can expect good meals, often with drink included for less than £20. Street vendors are also plentiful offering traditional Bulgarian fare as well as typical burgers and kebabs. £2-£3 will get you fed at one of these!

Getting there won’t break the bank either with flights as low as £20.


A firm favourite with backpackers due to its vibrancy, its history, its food and its cost! India allows you to travel so far across the country and experience so many things without ever spending too much cash. Mumbai provides street food you can only dream of, whilst Jaisalmer sends you off on a mystic adventure courtesy of its Thar desert. A meal in a restaurant can be as little as £2 and a local beer just over £1. Transport around the area is so cheap with taxi journeys as little as 50p!

Your accommodation will be just as cheap too with a room in a hostel at less than £10 and a decent hotel at around £20. With flights as low as £300 in some cases, India is definitely a top choice for budget travelers looking to make their money go far in more ways than one.


Croatia is a stunning country and Split in particular stands out as one not to miss when travelling on a budget. It’s a seaside city so you are never spoilt for views and it enjoys a nice warm climate throughout summer. Budget hotels can see you spend as little as £15 but you can enjoy 3-star accommodation for £30. Food and drink is also only a small dent in your budget with meals out ranging from £5-£10 – add a beer on for just £2 more! The transport system doesn’t rely on trains a great deal, but buses are frequent and get you around very cheaply. Ideal if you want to factor in the historic sites and venture out to do some scuba diving!

Flights come in at around £45 so all in all, Split is a fantastic option for a sunny, euro holiday that doesn’t embrace the typical tourist-based prices.

South Korea

South Korea has been thrust into the thoughts of many thanks to its iconic pop culture hitting our TV shows, video games and music. It is still largely unvisited as a tourist destination but is certainly worth it. The good news is that it won’t even cost that much either!

There are a variety of fantastic places to visit and thanks to the efficient transport network, getting around is easy. Stay in Seoul for around £20 per night. You can get around via train or bus but can take a plane to the highly regarded Jeju Island.

Eating out is an adventure in itself and with meals under £10, you can experience the best in Korean cuisine without spending much at all.

In terms of things to do, you can enjoy a walk around Gyeongbokgung Palace for less than £3 – visually stunning and submerged in grandeur it is 100% worth visiting. In Busan, you can enjoy the Gamcheon Culture Village for free. Many people want to visit the DMZ, but just be aware this could eat £40-£60 of your budget depending on what type of tour you take.

Fly into Seoul for less than £400.

South Africa

South Africa has emerged as a top contender for budget travelling. You can reach South Africa for less than £400 and once there enjoy fantastic food, awesome activities and wonderous wines cheaply.

Accommodation can be as little as £30 and transport can rarely see you break the £5 barrier. Wine and dine yourself for about £10 take in the bustling cities or the traditional villages.

There are plenty of free activities in South Africa allowing for a fun excursion where the wallet can stay closed. Greenmarket Square in Cape Town has one of the oldest markets in the area where traders showcase handmade goods.

Move on to the Lion’s Head trail where incredible views of the city and the sea will no doubt see your Instagram followers increase as you capture a photo on this 2.6-mile trek.


Have we inspired you yet? Hopefully our list has given you some great ideas to help you experience a little more of the world. Where we have quoted prices, just be aware that these are subject to change, and we cannot guarantee they will be the same when you choose to travel.

Once you have made your choice, get your tickets booked, your accommodation secured and then contact us to get the best possible options on your health and travel insurance. We can provide a free quote and have you enjoying your trip free from worry and stress. With over 20 years of experience, we are the experts in protecting travelers.



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