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72% of Brits to Holiday at Home in 2015

CornwallWe live in amazing times. We have more information about travel destinations than ever before. Savvy shoppers can pick up a flight for less than a meal for two and many package holidays in the sunshine work out cheaper than your everyday life.

Yet it seems that isn’t enough to coax many Brits overseas – with almost three quarters of the UK population planning for a “staycation” in 2015.

Whilst jetting off to the sun for a few weeks of rest and recuperation sounds idyllic, as reported here on Expat Healthcare before the reality doesn’t always live up the expectation. With terrorist concerns in both Turkey and Tunisia a number of popular beach vacation destinations have lost significant visitors.

Then of course there are the ongoing problems in Calais leading to disruptions in ferries and flights to the continent.

And that’s before we try to keep the kids entertained for the duration of the journey. As reported previously almost a quarter of holiday-makers are now returning home more stressed than when they left.

The solution? It seems that the great British staycation is experiencing a major revival with only 27% of Brits planning to head overseas this year.

One of the biggest draws, according to the study by ATS Euromaster, is the ease of travel. Rather than worrying about the vagaries of airline travel or cancelled ferries Brits can simply pile into their own vehicle and arrive at their chosen destination within a matter of hours.

Second to this, cited by 56% of people, is avoiding confusion when using foreign currency. Other popular reasons for remaining within the British Isles were avoiding both busy airports and language barriers.

So what does the perfect staycation look like to the average Brit? Apparently the perfect holiday destination is a cottage in Cornwall with a sea view that is close to shops, the beach and a pub.

The survey revealed that the average Brit believes a summer holiday should be no less than 10 days in total and that their final destination should be within 167 miles of their home. This is considered far enough away to “switch off” but so not so far as to make travel a major trouble.

The flipside of this resurgence in holidaying at home means that bargains can be had on overseas trips for those willing to subject themselves to the many potential hassles and pitfalls that overseas holidays can present.

The rules of supply and demand mean that fewer Brits heading off the sun means bargains can be had by savvy shoppers, while the Daily Mail reports that low global oil prices are helping to make flights more affordable than in recent history.

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