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5 Travelling Gripes Globetrotters Are Sick Of

In 2015, the ultimate traveller faux pas was the use of the infamous selfie stick. Getting that all-important holiday shot has become an addiction, with personal safety and common courtesy going right out the window in the quest for the perfect photo. In Japan, they have even had to implement ‘Danger! No Selfie Sticks’ signs on their train platforms due not only to complaints from station users, but injuries, and even deaths.

This year, travel-dating website Miss Travel decided to survey travellers again, with a staggering 35,228 people happy to vent about their most annoying globetrotting experiences. Members were given an open form to submit their biggest pet peeve, and responses were then tallied.

This year’s biggest pet peeve goes to Snapchat, with 31% of respondents marking the app as the most annoying. Those who filled in the form stated that travellers were causing issues at tourist destinations; taking too long to take photos and not paying attention to their surroundings and fellow tourists.

Taking the second spot, with 28%, was flight delays. An hour or so is forgivable, but the crippling wait and nights spent sleeping on hard benches has taken its toll on the 35,228 respondents. Earlier this year, in March, AirHelp (a company that handles compensation claims for delayed flights) compiled a list of airlines. Rankings were determined based on punctuality, length of time for a compensation pay-out due to delays, and the number of times legitimate claims were refused. The three worst performers were Portuguese airline Sata International, and British providers Easyjet and Virgin Atlantic.

Book flights with Qatar, KLM, and Air Baltic if you want to avoid delays!

Wi-Fi is a necessity for travellers, providing a necessary lifeline to home. In third place, and responsible for 13% of results, is having to pay for Wi-Fi. Globetrotters want free, reliable, and accessible Wi-Fi in their hotels and airports and, frequently, they are not receiving it.

Passengers devouring smelly food on planes graced the list in 2015, and it has gone up one place this year, to fourth position. Huffington Post revealed some of the worst offenders. Tuna sandwiches topped the list for obvious reasons, followed by chili, egg salads and sandwiches, yoghurt, and crisps.

Although it may seem a little like an overreaction, 5% of respondents claimed there was nothing more annoying than people who neglect to feed their items into the airport security scanner.

If you want to stay in your good graces with your fellow travellers and tourists, be swift with Snapchat, keep plane snacks smell and sound free, and give it your best efforts at the security scanners. Airlines can also learn from this, it’s time to stick to those flight times! Virgin, Easyjet, and Sata, we are looking at you.

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