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5 Apps to Help You Get to Grips With a New Language

Whether you’re moving abroad and want to get to grips with the local lingo, or just fancy learning a new language, we have got you covered. Below are five of the best apps to take you from novice to fluent speaker in no time!


Available on: IOS, Android & Windows

When it comes to a virtual language course, Duolingo is the crème de la crème. It is the app that everybody utilises when they want to pick up a new language or advance their linguistic skills. The reason it works so well is because the founder, Luis von Ahn, managed to merge the addiction of gaming with the ability to learn a language. With over 100 million users you can understand that Duolingo is the must have language course app.

Currently Duolingo offers 81 language courses. What makes the app so successful is that it does not cater to solely English speakers wanting to pick up a language, there is something for everyone in every language – even Klingon! What makes Duolingo so special is that courses are created by native speakers which means students can pick up colloquialisms and nuances often ignored in formal learning settings.


Available on: IOS & Android

Once you have mastered the basics of a new language, of course you will want pointers and tips. Who better to clean up your pronunciation or turn of phrase than a native speaker? HiNative is a mobile app that allows you to contact native speakers to iron out your language struggles. You simply ask a question and a thread is created as native speakers respond to you either by text or via a voice clip. People often ask for translation help, pronunciation or advice on cultural norms related to language.

The flip side of this is that you can help individuals trying to pick up your mother tongue. The community is rich and the app is completely free and also available as a desktop version too.


Available on: IOS & Android

From the team behind Duolingo (so you know it must be good) is the app Tinycards. The purpose of Tinycards is to help you memorise vocabulary in a fun way, making you more likely to absorb it. Many language students love using Tinycards before tests to better help them prepare!

There are thousands of language decks to choose from to help you study or you can make your own via the app. Tinycards isn’t just for languages, there are flashcard decks for all subjects. The flashcards are animated and, to keep you engaged, you can unlock different levels the more you memorise and the harder you study.


Available on: IOS & Android

Whilst Mondly isn’t the most beautifully designed or exciting app for learning a language, it certainly does the trick. Mondly’s language courses are comprehensive and intense, a little like learning a language at school. However, they start students off learning the basic nuts and bolts of a language. The course is split into two hour lessons on around 20 topics so be prepared to set aside some time if you want to get the best out of Mondly. Each lesson builds on the last and gets progressively more difficult. You will also get to indulge in tests and bonus material.

The only catch with Mondly is that there is a monthly fee, with price plans starting at $3.99 per month. However, with 32 in-depth language courses to choose from it is definitely cheaper than attending a night school or language classes in the flesh.


Available on: IOS & Android

Ideal for both adults and children, Mindsnacks is a cheery and enjoyable way to learn a language. Each of the languages available to study have eight or nine games for you to play that help you with general vocabulary, grammar or listening to a language and understanding it. They are short simple games and idea for people with short attention spans or who want to learn a language on the go. The app allows students to monitor their progress so you can see which areas may need a little more study time.

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