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10 Countries Heralded for Best Quality of Life

InterNations Expat Insider 2016 survey is one of the most extensive expat studies and explores the general living situations of expatriates. This year, the survey targeted 14,000 expats and they were asked to rate several elements of their lives abroad, from health and personal happiness, to leisure options and quality of transport.

Those who took part in the research had their numbers for each category tallied up to give an overall quality of life score for each country. Thinking of a new life abroad? Check out the 10 best options below.


Just beating off South Korea and making it into the top 10 is politically neutral and independent Switzerland. The country’s highest ranking was fifth for travel and transports. However, it also ranked highly for safety and security.


Europe’s powerhouse, Germany, is already an appealing option for expats, but how did they rank it? Germany performed best in the health and well-being category, coming in fifth place. However, it also fared well in the safety and security rankings.


Singapore is already home to a large expat community and is one of the financial hubs of the world. The survey found that foreigners enjoy an excellent quality of life in the country and it came top for travel and transport whilst also ranking second for safety and security.

Czech Republic

The central Europe country may not be an obvious choice for those looking for a new life overseas. However, having been ranked fourth for travel and transport and placing well across the other categories, the Czech Republic made the top 10.


The beautiful Mediterranean country of Malta is the third best European location for expats. The country came number one for leisure options, second for personal happiness, and fifth for safety and security.

Costa Rica

The central American paradise is a real hit for expats according to the InterNations survey. It is the highest-ranking country for personal happiness, third for leisure options, and also has great safety and security measures according to expats.


British expat favourite Spain comes in at number four. The country is renowned for its relaxed pace of life, wonderful annual weather, and miles of beautiful coast. Spain ranked second best for leisure option and tenth for personal happiness and health and well-being.


Home to one of the world’s largest economies, Japan is the third best country in the world to be an expat. It placed well for safety and security (third) and health and well-being (fourth). It also placed in the top 10 for travel and transport.


Expats living in Austria championed the small European nation for health and well-being, for which it topped the table. The country also has strong travel and transport systems and also ranked well for safety and security.


Who would have thought that a small island nation off the coast of China would present expats with the best quality of life? The results from the Expat Insider survey saw Taiwan ranking well for Taiwanese healthcare and well-being, personal happiness, travel and transport, and safety and security.

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