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Paraguay Expat News

The Easiest Countries to Get Dual Citizenship

If you’re considering a new life in a different country a second passport can provide an extra bit of security. Some countries that have faced political instability have seen expats cast out; such as Kenya back in 2016. Therefore, dual citizenship can ensure you remain in the country of your choice. Perks also include tax benefits, social services, employment options and investment opportunities and freedom to travel. There are a variety of ways of securing citizenship in another country and some ... Read more

Is Paraguay the Place for Authentic South American Adventures?

Paraguay is often overshadowed by the dominant South American countries of Brazil and Argentina. Many comment that the country is lack lustre, with little in the way of impressive sites of natural beauty, or ancient historical relics. Furthermore, many are put-off by the lack of transport infrastructure that is present in the majority of South American countries. However, despite the prejudice that Paraguay faces, it is virtually free of tourists, and is a forgotten jewel of Latin America. Asuncion Behind the ritzy shopping ... Read more
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