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ecuador Expat News

Where is the Happiest Place in the World for Expats?

Some of us find happiness in the simplest things. The smell of freshly cut grass. Indulging in your favourite meal. For others, it is our family, or money, that brings us glee. Living a happy life is different for everybody, but are there some countries where are you most likely to experience it? InterNation’s Expat Inside Survey asked 14,300 expats living in 191 countries and representing 191 countries to give their opinions on expat life in their country of residence. Of the ... Read more

Best Expat Retirement Destinations Named

Ever more of us are opting to retire abroad; to reward ourselves for a lifetime of hard work by moving to a country that offers a healthy climate, great food and reasonable prices. The problem is quite where the “best” retirement destinations really are. After all, there are dozens of questions that retirees should be able to answer in order to select the best retirement destinations. Surely, gathering so much information could be a lifetime’s work in itself. Thank goodness, therefore, for International Living ... Read more

Gender Differences in Expat Destination Satisfaction

They say that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. However never are the between men and women more noticeable than when applied to travelling. As outlined last month, women are far more likely to worry about travel, for example, while men are more likely to “cut loose” and roll with the punches. Women, for example, are 18% more likely to worry about having forgotten something than men. 20% of men claim they don’t worry about a thing before going ... Read more

The Best (and Worst) Expat Countries Revealed

Leading expat resource website InterNations has revealed the best – and worst – places for expats. Their annual “Expat Insider” study aims to rank destinations on a wide range of metrics including job satisfaction, career prospects, work-life balance, political stability and personal safety. Combining all the scores provided by expats in each country allows InterNations to create a “league table” of the best places for expats. As always, this detailed study makes for some fascinating reading. Ecuador once again takes the title for the ... Read more

Which Country Has the Best Climate for Expats?

" There are two types of people who move abroad; there are those who primarily move abroad for their career, in order to take up a new role or search for fresh opportunities. And then there are those who move abroad to enjoy life a little more. Whether they continue to work, or are retired, their chosen destination is an essential part of the decision-making process. So while someone in the first group might happily move to the tax-free UAE, in contrast the ... Read more

Top Retirement Destinations in the World Revealed

" More of us than ever before are considering moving abroad. But the world is a big place, and deciding on the best possible places to visit can be a challenge in itself. Fortunately a new study aims to reveal the very best places to retire to in 2015 – and it’s arguably the most exhaustive and accurate study of its type ever undertaken. Well-known lifestyle publisher International Living has just produced their “Best Places to Retire in 2015” report and makes for ... Read more
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