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Madagascar Expat News

Expat Safety Tips: What to Do During a Tsunami

Before the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004, many were not aware that gigantic tidal waves were a natural phenomenon, let alone a force of nature that could kill. On the 26th December, a tsunami occurred in the Indian Ocean. It was the result of a magnitude nine earthquake by two plates on the seafloor, displacing the ocean above. At its start, the tsunami measured no more than one metre high. However, the force of the earthquake resulted in the tsunami travelling to ... Read more

3 Incredible Jungle Experiences for Holiday Adventurers

Jungles are formidable. They are brimming with flora and fauna, unlike anything you have ever seen before. From the inspiring vistas to the historical monuments, jungles are some of the most diverse locations on earth. Despite their daunting nature, many adventurous individuals dedicate an entire holiday to rainforest exploration or slot it in their itinerary whilst travelling. Whatever your plans, we highly suggest you check out the inspiring locations below before settling on your next venture. Rwanda The side of the mountain is damp ... Read more

The Wonders Of East Africa’s Indian Ocean Islands

When considering a tropical island break, the mind automatically latches on to the idyllic Caribbean. However, off of the coast of East Africa, nestled like gems in a crown, are a plethora of unique islands, shaped by the culture, locals, wildlife and landscapes that adorn them. Whether you’re looking to indulge your palette, dive in lambent coral reefs or sip cocktails on a dream-like beach, there’s an island to suit every wish and budget. Culture: Zanzibar, Lamu and Mauritius The feet of Guajarati merchants, ... Read more

Madagascar: The Forgotten Jewel

The fourth largest island in the world, and just 250 miles off the coast of east Africa, Madagascar is a largely undiscovered corner of the world. Boasting 5% of the world’s animal and plant species, the idyllic isle is a dream destination for those seeking adventure. With natives speaking a mother tongue of Malagasy, intermingled with French, the island is not African, Asian or European and has a unique aura. Many travellers comment that Madagascar is the most fascinating and unspoilt location ... Read more
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