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Sri Lanka Expat News

Uncovering Sri Lanka as a Backpacker

Out of the vast array of popular Asian backpacker destinations, historically, we’d rarely hear of Sri Lanka in the mix. Yet, this picturesque island’s secrets are beginning to be discovered and as a result, it is fast becoming a new favourite hot spot amongst travellers around the world. In comparison to many other backpacker destinations, Sri Lanka is largely untouched by tourism, retaining the perfect elements to achieve a truly authentic and culture rich travel experience. Once you’ve visited Sri Lanka, you’ll instantly ... Read more

Expat Safety Tips: What to Do During a Tsunami

Before the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004, many were not aware that gigantic tidal waves were a natural phenomenon, let alone a force of nature that could kill. On the 26th December, a tsunami occurred in the Indian Ocean. It was the result of a magnitude nine earthquake by two plates on the seafloor, displacing the ocean above. At its start, the tsunami measured no more than one metre high. However, the force of the earthquake resulted in the tsunami travelling to ... Read more
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