Ryanair Launches New Customer Charter to Make Travel “Enjoyable” -
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Ryanair Launches New Customer Charter to Make Travel “Enjoyable”

Budget airline Ryanair is one that historically many people

have loved to hate. Their outspoken Chief Executive Michael O’Leary has come

under fire a number of times over the years for his fearless cost cutting and

down-to-earth honesty. Now though it seems a new customer charter is set to go

live in order to celebrate the airline’s 30th birthday.

The goal of the new charter is to respond appropriately to

the vast amount of customer feedback that an airline carrying 90 million

passengers a year receives and as a result to significantly improve customer

satisfaction levels.

This is great news from the perspective of expats and

tourists seeking a high quality flying experience at reasonable costs, and good

too for Ryanair if, as they expect, the new charter helps them attract another

10 million passengers in 2015.

Ryanair was once famous for its “minimalist” offering,

eliminating every unnecessary service and flying from less popular airports in

order to keep air fares as low as possible. For some people though, these cuts

were a step too far and made for a less pleasant flying experience.

Launched in 1985 with a single plane, Ryanair was the

brainchild of Christopher Ryan, Liam Lonergan and Tony Ryan. Making the most of

de-regulation in the UK airline industry they offered a “no frills” service and

grew rapidly over the years as flying became affordable for ever more people.

It now operates 300 planes flying to 28 different countries and hopes to

service an impressive 100 million customers in 2015.

Over the last few years though Ryanair has been responding

to customer feedback and introducing a number of initiatives to make flying

Ryanair a rather more comfortable experience. Over the last few years, for

example, Ryanair have introduced allocated seating and allowed passengers to

bring a second carry-on bag with them for no additional charge.

Now, though, in the biggest shake-up in the company’s

history, passengers can expect a new level of service that is designed to make

travelling with Ryanair an “enjoyable experience”.

For one, many of Ryanair’s fleet of jets will see major

refits. The newly-designed interiors will not only offer a more luxurious cabin

surrounding but also comfier seats and more leg room. Food, too, is set for

major improvements with a larger range of meals available over a longer period

of time during flights.

In addition, Ryanair is investing heavily in its website and

ancillary services to make flying with them easier than ever before. The new

site promises a customized experience for visitors, real-time price comparisons

and independent destination reviews.

It could just be the largest change in Ryanair’s history –

and is one that we wish them every success with. 

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