How to Choose the Best Global Health Insurance

If you’re moving abroad, you’ll want to ensure you find the best global health insurance, so you and your family can access the highest quality healthcare. But there are a lot of things to consider to find the best policy that suits your needs. As experts in international health insurance, we look into the most important things you should consider for your global health insurance.

Establish your needs

You should first think about your specific needs when it comes to international healthcare. What healthcare do you currently access that you will need to continue when you move abroad? Are you on any medications? Many international health insurance policies might not cover pre-existing conditions, so this is something to consider. Expatriate Group offers cover for pre-existing conditions – look at our international medical insurance policies or get a quote for an idea of cost.

You should also consider any potential needs you’ll have in the future. Are you planning to have a baby overseas? If so, a policy with maternity cover will be necessary. If you’re retiring overseas, a policy with elderly care might be required.

You should also think about where you will be moving to. Do you plan to stay in one location, or will you want to move around? Some policies may only apply in one country, or you may be able to work with a provider who can offer more flexibility.

Check reviews

Looking at reviews for global health insurance is one of the best ways to establish whether they’re a good provider or not. You can read first-hand from customers who have had direct dealings with the provider, and they’ll often comment on the customer service as well as how easy it is to make a claim.

Independent websites like Trustpilot collect user reviews for many organisations. Expatriate Group is proud to have a 4.8 rating on Trustpilot at the time of writing – you can read reviews from our customers here.

Compare plans

You should always look at a variety of healthcare providers and compare their plans to find the best global healthcare insurance for you. If possible, try to get a number of quotes. You can get a no-obligation quote from Expatriate Group here to give you an idea of the cost of your insurance.

You should also compare different plans that providers offer. Expatriate Group offers four different plans that have all been designed to cater to expats with different needs. As standard, all our plans offer instant healthcare cover with 24-hour support, no hospital restrictions and no out-of-pocket expenses.

Providers that offer multiple policies might also be able to offer more flexibility, especially if your situation changes once you’re abroad.

Look at prices

When finding the best global healthcare insurance, cost will be a big deciding factor. Of course, the cheapest doesn’t necessarily mean the best, especially when it comes to insurance coverage. Some providers, like Expatriate Group, may offer different levels of cover, ranging from basic to premium. This can be useful as you can still get quality insurance from a good provider at a competitive rate.

You’ll have to factor in your own budget and requirements. You should also think about the cost of healthcare in the country you’re moving to. If you go for a more basic cover, you may have to pay out-of-pocket for extra treatments or healthcare services, which could end up costing you more in the long run.

Check the healthcare network

Some healthcare providers only offer treatments at a limited number of hospitals or clinics. You should check which places are included in the cover from the provider you are considering.

Expatriate Group has no hospital restrictions. We do not operate a compulsory hospital network, so you will have flexibility to go to a medical facility that is convenient for you, without ever having to pay out-of-pocket.

Ask questions

If you have any queries that aren’t clearly answered on the provider’s website, contact them directly. Any quality provider will be happy to answer your questions and make anything clear for you, in order to give you peace of mind that you’re selecting the best global health insurance for your needs.

You can contact Expatriate Group by email or by calling +44 (0)20 3551 6634. Our team are on hand to talk through your international healthcare needs and can help to clarify any information about our policies.

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