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Expats readying themselves for Christmas

Since the last day for posting items internationally in time for Christmas has already passed, expatriates across the world will have sourced the majority of the things they need to celebrate December 25th.

When you are away from home it is more important than ever to keep certain traditions alive, but the chances are things will be a bit different to how they would be at home.

There are a number of different ways to approach getting your hands on tastes from the UK and it depends on your circumstances.

Some expats choose to replace British classics with the nearest approximation they can find locally, while others enlist family and friends to send items to them in the run-up to Christmas.

Alternatively, there are special companies set up to send the types of products Brits around the world feel they cannot do without.

Mark Callaghan, managing director of the British Corner Shop, told the Telegraph: "Three products which are constantly battling it out for the top spot are Walkers mincemeat pies, Nestle Quality Street tubs and Matthew Walker Christmas pudding."

Meanwhile, over at Expat Essentials, staff have been packaging up Christmas cakes, puddings, stuffing, advent calendars and selection boxes to be posted all over the world.

Another approach to stocking up for Christmas is to pick up any essentials while visiting the UK earlier in the year and save them until the festive period begins.

Heathrow Airport revealed that 185,000 litres of Scottish malt whisky is bought in duty free in the run-up to December 25th, as well as 3.5 tonnes of smoked salmon.

Whichever approach you have taken, it is important to prioritise and just get a few items that will really set the day off, rather than breaking the bank to create a British Christmas overseas.

To avoid disappointment, look to the benefits of being an expat at this time of year and incorporate traditions from the new culture you find yourself living in.

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