Expats in Tuscany to benefit from 'zero waste' policy -

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Expats in Tuscany to benefit from 'zero waste' policy

British expatriates who have settled in Tuscany will be pleased to hear one part of the region has agreed to implement a zero waste policy.

The town of Capannori has decided it will go waste free by recycling all of its residents’ household waste, EuroNews has reported.

Having already established an 82 per cent recycling rate, the town has already achieved an impressive standard but is now keen that none of its leftovers end up in landfill sites or on rubbish dumps.

Capannori hopes to achieve the eco-target by 2020, something that should impress expatriates who are environmentally aware.

The BBC’s European editor Mark Mardell recently noted that homes near the German city of Freiburg have benefited from its consideration of the environment.

Property in the nearby Black Forrest region is greener than many others thanks in part to Freiburg’s efforts to cut pollution, he observed.

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