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Legal bid over expats’ voting rights could delay Scottish independence referendum

Calls to allow expatriate Scots to vote in the upcoming referendum on independence are heating up, with legal action in the pipeline.A top lawyer has claimed that first minister Alex Salmond may have broken the law in preventing them from exercising their right to vote.Aidan O'Neill, an expert in European law, believes there is a good chance of overturning the decision in court.He has suggested that a judicial review would likely find the rights of Scottish expats to enjoy freedom of ... Read more

Guide to healthcare in the UAE

Like everything else in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), going to visit a doctor is different for expatriates than what they are used to at home. Read on to find out about the process of obtaining healthcare in the country. Preparation Be sure to go to your GP well in advance of your move to the UAE,┬áto ensure you have plenty of time to make the appropriate arrangements. This includes getting any vaccinations that are needed for this area of the world. Malaria is ... Read more

British expats in France and Spain lose free healthcare

British expatriates living in Europe having taken early retirement will lose their access to free local healthcare services, after the government decided to scrap the facility. In the past, those living in countries such as France or Spain have found their treatment covered by the NHS, but this is about to change. From April 1st, those who are not covered through employment will have to foot the bill themselves. The move is just one of a number of cost-saving measures that the NHS is ... Read more

Pay and promotion outweigh smog in China

Recent reports about how bad the smog situation has become in China may sound like a good reason not to up sticks and move to the country.But the opportunities for talented expatriates in China are still plentiful and the lure of high pay and a jump up the career ladder are proving irresistible.Since the global financial crisis hit, Asia has become a hotspot for top professionals from across the globe and Hong Kong and Singapore have seen numerous applicants.It is China ... Read more

Sunrise televised to beat the smog in Beijing

Expatriates in Beijing may have started to get used to the long periods without natural sunshine due to the smog that descends on the city, but the Chinese government is attempting to do something about it.Instead of showing adverts, large digital screens across the capital have been broadcasting the sunrise to the city's inhabitants.The season for dangerous smog in Beijing is only just beginning and the measure proved popular, as residents left their homes in masks to protect their lungs and ... Read more

Expats welcome bird flu market clampdown

Expatriates in Shanghai have welcomed measures to prevent another outbreak of avian flu in the region.Live poultry trading at the wet markets of the city will be suspended from January 31st until April 30th in a move that is expected to be repeated annually for the next five years.The Shanghai Municipal Agricultural Commission and the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce issued a statement explaining the measure.It said that this time of year is when bird flu is more prevalent and an assessment of ... Read more

Expatriate healthcare changes afoot in Dubai

Expatriate employees based in the Emirate of Dubai look set to experience major changes to the way they utilise health insurance in the region, after officials signed a new agreement on the topic. Under the new plans, healthcare and more specifically health insurance in Dubai will be a compulsory requirement for anyone living in or visiting the region. This change of rules will apply to anyone resident in any of the free zones within the Emirate. The change was announced by the Dubai Health ... Read more

Guide to seeing a doctor in Germany

There are many reasons why you need to see a doctor in Germany - a check-up, for a specific complaint or in an emergency - so make sure you are prepared. All expatriates should sign up for a GP when they relocate abroad. Here is a guide to all these elements.The lingoAs with most areas of life in a new country, it is useful to know some key words relating to the topic at hand.·         Allgemeinarzt, hausarzt - these both mean GP·         Facharzt ... Read more

Overseas Health Insurance News: Call to allow expats to apply for citizenship in UAE sparks debate

Strong debate about the nature of national identity in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been sparked by the suggestion that expatriates could apply for citizenship.The idea was mooted by Sultan Sooud al-Qassemi, a member of one of the country's ruling families, in a piece published by the Gulf News.In it he argued that Emirati society is ready for change and that citizenship could be offered to those long-term foreign residents who have contributed a lot to the UAE.Mr Qassemi wrote: ... Read more

Worldwide Medical Insurance News: Health checks to be used in Gulf countries to detect and bar gay expats

Officials could use the routine health checks that are carried out on expatriates entering Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) to detect if a person is gay.Those who are found to be so would then be barred from entering these nations, if plans proposed by Yousuf Mindkar, the director of public health at the Kuwaiti health ministry, go ahead.Local newspaper Al Rai has reported the proposals and Gulf News has managed to obtain a translation of what Mr Mindkar has said.It states: "Health ... Read more
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