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The happiest nationalities; but what is the healthcare like?

The happiest nationalities; but what is the healthcare like? Everyone is searching for happiness. In terms of countries, it can be summed up by how the community comes together, level of employment, social life and life expectancy. What is the healthcare like though? According to survey results carried out by Gallup in 2013, these are the countries that ranked top: Iceland General life expectancy is 82 years old. Healthcare services are funded by the state and residents contribute through their taxes. As a result, ... Read more

The world’s best countries to retire to in 2014

There is a wide belief that expats are career-driven youngsters, passionate adventure seekers and important business leaders. However, a significant chunk of the expatriate community is also made up of retirees. Those who have worked hard and are now looking to move to sunnier and peaceful locations abroad, to enjoy the rest of their lives. A number of factors need to be considered when seeking out which country is best for retirement. Climate and the cost and quality of living is what is most instantly thought about, ... Read more

Undiagnosed cases make international healthcare insurance futile

Health won't be at the forefront of the minds of many expats. They will be too busy working or living abroad and why should they when they are either covered by private expat medical insurance or covered by their employee? However, there is are a rising number of expats suffering from the likes of diabetes and obesity. Cases in the east The majority of expats who are at risk of developing diabetes are located in areas such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India and Egypt. This is due to a ... Read more

The cheapest places to live; but what is the healthcare like?

Everyone would like an inexpensive way of life but may be a little sceptical of what they can expect, especially when moving abroad. Just what are the countries like and what healthcare do they provide? How much weight is there on expatriate medical insurance? These are the cheapest countries to live in according to the Economist's Intelligence 2013 Unit report. Nepal The healthcare system is provided by both the public and private sector. It fares poorly by international standards and facilities, nutrition and hygiene is of low quality too, ... Read more

Expanding expatriate healthcare in Costa Rica

Its good news for expats wanting to move to Costa Rica as free health care and medication has expanded to include Guanacastem, located in the north west of the area. Costa Rica is known for its high quality health attention and affordable medication. In fact, it is not unusual for foreigners to set aside a few days or a week to visit the area for dental procedures, optical examinations, general health check-ups, or even to buy certain medications or medical equipment. On top ... Read more

The World’s Best Hospitals for Medical Tourists

People relocate abroad for a number of reasons; to further their careers, travel the world or as part of a company move. Expatriate travel insurance and expat medical insurance is key when doing so. You cannot predict when you will fall ill, how serious it will be and what treatment you may require. Quality of facilities and medication are key and not all hospitals and clinics over the globe are eager to take international patients. The Medical Travel Quality Alliance have put together a list of the top ... Read more

How to navigate the French medical system

The prospect of being ill or having an emergency in a foreign country can be a particularly daunting one, as dealing with language barriers and differences with home can be difficult when feeling weak and vulnerable. When you live abroad, however, there is a good chance that you will encounter the medical system at some point.Finding a doctorIt is a good idea to scope out your local area for a doctor and pharmacies quite early on in the relocation process. This ... Read more

Health insurance to be mandatory for expats in Dubai

A new law is being phased into use in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which will make it mandatory for expatriates to have health insurance. Those wishing to continue living in Dubai after retiring will be required to purchase Expat Healthcare Insurance in Dubai to cover medical costs should they arise, reports Emirates 24|7. Dr Haider Al Yousuf, director of health financing at the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), said that the new Health Insurance Act will mean all citizens and residents will be ... Read more

Health insurance is to end for retired British expats

UK expat travel insurance is soon to be terminated for those who have sought or are looking to seek early retirement in Europe.   Usually, expats moving abroad to Europe to retire early in the sun, are entitled to two and a half years of free medical care paid by the NHS. This has not changed for those over the state retirement age; 65 years and above for men and 60 years and above for women. However, expats who are retiring early to ... Read more

Expats in China to be awarded smog pay

The electronics giant Panasonic is the first international company to announce it will pay out compensation to expatriates sent to China due to the hazardous air pollution the country suffers from.All of the firm's expat employees in the nation will be awarded the smog-linked pay premium, although it is unclear exactly how many people this will effect.China and Japan have extensive trade ties and Panasonic is one of the biggest names in business in the latter country.Hardship pay is common for ... Read more
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