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Health Insurance Daily Award Short Term iPMI 8.5 Stars

Health Insurance Daily recently reviewed Expatriate Group's brand new Short Term Healthcare Insurance policy. The new short term offering received an 8.5 (out of 10) star rating from Health Insurance Daily. With 9 stars a rarity from Health Insurance Daily, 8.5 stars is a very exciting accolade. The publication championed the short term iPMI for its simple and good cover levels, three plan options and ability to secure coverage for less than a year. Andy Couchman, Technical Editor at Health Insurance Daily commented; "Very short-term ... Read more

Hurricane Irma: Record Atlantic Storm Destroying Caribbean

On the 27th  August, just off of the coast of Guinea-Bissau (Africa) winds picked up to 29 mph. This minor tropical disturbance was commonplace, especially when the gusts swept over Cape Verde; an island accustomed to late-summer hurricanes, albeit ones which cause little issue. However, just like the Cape Verde storms of times gone past – such as Andrew, Huge and Ike – what began as strong gusts were soon to reach the Caribbean as Hurricane Irma. On the 5th September, Hurricane ... Read more

Worry as Holiday Makers Ignore the Need for Insurance

ABTA, the UK’s trade association for tour operators and travel agents, recently revealed some worrying new research. They found that 25% of those jetting abroad in 2016 travelled without insurance, which represents an increase of 3% on the previous year. The research unveiled 18 – 34 year olds to be the biggest culprits. 49% of 18 to 24-year-old holidaymakers in 2016 travelled abroad uninsured, as did 38% of those between 25 and 34 years of age. This is an increase of 31% ... Read more

Zika Virus: What Travellers Need to Know

One of the most hotly-discussed topics among travellers at present is the growing threat of Zika. But what really is Zika, what are the real risks and how should you protect yourself from them? Zika is a virus carried by mosquitoes; primarily the Aedes aegypti mosquito. Rather like malaria, one contracts it mainly from being bitten by an infected mosquito. At present medical authorities are unsure of whether the virus may be passed from person-to-person such as during intercourse but current recommendations ... Read more

Saudi Arabia Introduces Compulsory Health Insurance for Expats

Like so many other Gulf States, Saudi Arabia’s economy is fiercely dependent on expat workers. Official figures from 2013 put the number of expats in the Saudi Kingdom at 9 million, with an estimated 1.6 million new visitors each year. That’s not just a lot of people; it’s also a big strain on the healthcare system, which is often trying to dole out medical care to poorly paid manual workers who struggle to pay for even the most basic of care. It seems that ... Read more

Brits Pay Out £250 Per Accident Abroad

A new study claims that British holiday-makers suffer more unfortunate accidents and injuries abroad than you might imagine – and they are paying out an average of £250 per incident. These payments are often being made even by those possessing a European Health Insurance Card – long assumed by many people as a free alternative to expensive health insurance. Now, it seems, the reality is rather different. Common accidents and injuries while abroad can include dehydration, serious sunburn and food poisoning, not to ... Read more

Expatriate Healthcare Launches International Term Assurance

" Expatriate Healthcare has launched an international term assurance policy to provide cover for expats even if they relocate permanently overseas. Customers will be able to apply online or via brokers and pay their premiums monthly in sterling, dollars or euros, as well as taking their cover with them when they move country. If sold via a broker for an individual, the application can be done either by proposal form or online. Group applications are via brokers and submitted offline. Cover Magazine" Read more

5 Reasons Expats Are Flocking To Panama

" According to a recent survey, Panama ranks as one of the very best expatriate destinations worldwide. Surprising, perhaps, when it is up against stiff competition like Australia, Portugal or the USA, all of which are still very popular with expats from the UK. The most obvious question then is what makes Panama so attractive to foreigners? Why does this country seem to attract so many expats? Ask the foreign population living in Panama for their favourite things about the country and ... Read more

Expats in UAE Disappointed With Mandatory Health Insurance

" The economy in the United Arab Emirates is rather different to that experienced in the West. Most critically, the lack of income tax has an impact on what government services are offered for free. Of these, health care has long been a hotly contested subject. In most cases, international health insurance is considered mandatory and is most commonly provided by employers to their staff. Now, however, a study suggests that this employer-provided health care may not be living up to expectations. According ... Read more

Businesses in Bahrain Unhappy with New Expat Fees

" Bahrain is currently working hard to foster new businesses and attract international talent to the Kingdom. For too long it has been a far lower-profile destination for expat workers and businesses than its flashier, better-known cousins like the UAE. Releasing that oil won’t last forever – and that foreign investment will be key to their future development, Bahrain is trying hard to attract talent from around the world. However if local business owners are to be believed, a new law being introduced could have a significant negative impact ... Read more
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