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Physiotherapy Phnom Penh Added to Expatriate Group’s Direct Outpatient Settlement Network

We are pleased to announce that Physiotherapy Phnom Penh has officially been added to Expatriate Group’s medical provider list. Physiotherapy Phnom Penh is a physiotherapy clinic in Cambodia that was established in early 2010 to supply the increasing demand from many expatriates and Cambodian nationals for quality physiotherapy services. They specialise in restoring movement disorders and subsiding correlated pain and tension symptoms, but their extensive treatment list also includes speech and language therapy. Full treatment list: Physiotherapy Manual therapy Paediatric physiotherapy Neurorehabilitation physiotherapy  ... Read more

10 Foods You Should Avoid Overseas

One of the most exciting things about travelling to a new country is the opportunity to try new foods. Venturing out to restaurants and sampling the local cuisine is all part of the fun, right? Although these foodie adventures seem relatively innocent, they can soon turn adverse if you eat something dodgy. This isn’t to say you can’t enjoy yourself while away but it’s important to get the balance right between sampling local delicacies and treating your belly well. After all, no ... Read more

Global Albatross Win at Health Insurance & Protection Awards 2019

Expatriate Group are pleased to congratulate Global Albatross, one of our international broking partners, on a deserved award win. Global Albatross was nominated for three awards at the Health Insurance and Protection Awards 2019. Held at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane in London, 850 guests descended on the venue for a night of awards hosted by Claudia Winkleman. Expatriate Group would like to congratulate Darren Manning and his team at Global Albatross for the three nominations and winning Best Adviser for ... Read more

What’s the difference between trip protection and travel insurance?

When travelling one of the most important things you need to consider when planning your trip is travel insurance, yet the amount of travellers that do not protect themselves or their families with travel insurance is shocking. It was reported by the ABTA that 8.6 million holidaymakers didn’t purchase travel insurance before embarking on their summer holiday this year. A lot of people also purchase travel insurance not aware of what it is and isn’t protecting them against and not realising that ... Read more

How Can Expats Soothe Tummy Troubles?

When going abroad stomachache or ‘Delhi belly’ as it’s frequently referred to, can often hit when you least expect it. It happens to the best of us and due to unfamiliar germs, an altered diet and contaminated water it’s sometimes unavoidable. In most cases, it only causes mild illness and symptoms that clear up within a few days but it can still stop you doing things and if you’ve just moved abroad it’s the last thing you want to be struck down ... Read more

No-Deal Brexit Could See Expats Lose Free Healthcare

With such uncertainty still surrounding Brexit, it remains difficult for British expats living in the EU to know for sure what the situation will be on Friday 29th March 2019.  Will there be a deal or won’t there? That’s really all any of us want to know. The situation is extremely concerning for UK citizens who have made EU countries such as Spain and France their home for many years. A number of British expats are pensioners that rely on NHS reimbursements ... Read more

Why Expats Should Prioritise Their Mental Health

With one in four people in the world likely to be affected by mental disorders at some stage in their life, you could argue that we should all prioritise our mental health. And in reality we should. However, due to the fact that triggers for depression and anxiety can include stressful events and periods of significant change, expats are among those who are particularly susceptible. Expats face a whole host of challenges and stressors, all at once. Starting a new job or ... Read more

The British Government is Protecting Healthcare

The word Brexit has become, for many expats, a cause of much fear and uncertainty. With the word dominating the headlines in recent months, countless expats are on the edge of their seat awaiting news that will provide some clarity as to how their life abroad is likely to be impacted. One of the biggest concerns has been for expats state pensioners who would be hugely affected by some of the claims being expressed in the media. It’s been a worrying time, ... Read more

Expats and Tourists Must Have Health Insurance in Ecuador

As of the 1st May, any foreigners stepping foot on Ecuadorian land must provide proof that they have health insurance. This measure was originally supposed to be implemented in early February. However, the decision was made to extend the deadline by 90 days as initial reports “related to this issue by different media caused concern within the tourist sector” as well as amongst the general population, stated the Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism. In a statement released by the Ministry of Tourism, they ... Read more

Health Insurance Daily Award Short Term iPMI 8.5 Stars

Health Insurance Daily recently reviewed Expatriate Group's brand new Short Term Healthcare Insurance policy. The new short term offering received an 8.5 (out of 10) star rating from Health Insurance Daily. With 9 stars a rarity from Health Insurance Daily, 8.5 stars is a very exciting accolade. The publication championed the short term iPMI for its simple and good cover levels, three plan options and ability to secure coverage for less than a year. Andy Couchman, Technical Editor at Health Insurance Daily commented; "Very short-term ... Read more
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