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Expatriate Insurance

Saudi Arabia Scraps Expat Healthcare

Dependents of expatriate workers who, usually upon arrival in Saudi Arabia, are obliged to undergo a series of medical examinations in order to obtain residence permits called iqamas, are now exempt from doing so by the authority of the Ministry of Health.  These new regulations do not only apply to those entering the Kingdom for the first time, but also to those already living in the area and wanting to renew their residence permits including family members and relations to expatriate workers. ... Read more

Expat medical insurance won’t solve China’s pollution but there’s compensation

China has always been a hotspot for expatriates, regardless of whether it is for employment or for a new life. It Read more

Expat health insurance v travel insurance: what is the difference?

Most people will probably be surprised to know that there is actually a relevant distinction between travel medical insurance and expat health insurance. Before going abroad you will need to carry out some research into which one you need before applying. Expatriate healthcare is specifically designed for people wishing to work and live abroad for ideally, more than twelve months. Expat insurance is international insurance and aims to provide coverage around the world for emergencies and non-emergencies. Expat insurance will cover you fully for the period of time that ... Read more

Passive war zone coverage is becoming a reality for expats seeking medical insurance

It is always difficult to determine the extent and level of expat health insurance coverage you will need as part of your residence in a new country. It is hard to know what is too much and too little in circumstances that are unknown and hard to predict. For those moving abroad on a fixed work contract, there is little need to worry as much of their medical insurance is usually covered by the employer, who, as a native of the country in question, will know what the local ... Read more

Travelling for adventure, not danger: risky places for expats to work

Expatriate medical insurance is vital, whether gained privately or by the employer. Anyone can get ill or be involved in an accident. You need to be covered especially when moving to a country that has poor healthcare, political unrest or high levels of crime. We list the places that are currently high risk where extra care is needed for obvious reasons! Afghanistan - The conflict has been ongoing for over ten years and there is still unrest. The atmosphere is incredibly volatile. ... Read more

Global expat insurance to soar with rising number of expats

According to the market research company, Finaccord, the number of expatriates worldwide is an estimated 50.5 million and the number is expected to drastically rise. It is anticipated that by the year 2017 there will be around 56.8 million expats in the world. This is turn makes the importance of international travel health insurance crucial. As of 2013, Saudi Arabia was found to be the country that hosted the largest amount of expatriates, and was closely followed by the likes of the UAE and the U.S. However, ... Read more

Expat graduate teaching English abroad: what to keep in mind

There are masses of courses available to people of all ages to teach English as a foreign language abroad. It's popular for a reason, especially for graduates. It gives you the chance to live and experience a foreign culture whilst also earning and saving money, which is especially alluring to a graduate. Moreover, there is a great demand for native English speakers to teach the language in public schools to universities. Although it may be fairly easy to find a job teaching English in a country you ... Read more

Expat health insurance is getting expensive for the elderly

It would seem that the elderly have more to worry about when considering expatriate healthcare insurance. It would seem that the older you get, the higher the premiums will be. It can be a nasty shock for those who have worked hard during their youths in order to retire peacefully abroad in the location of their dreams. The issue of expat medical insurance is one that must be thought about and carefully planned in advance to try and avoid any expensive ... Read more

8 questions all expats seeking health insurance should ask

1. Can I get insurance through my or my partner's employer? Expats moving abroad for work are very likely to gain health insurance through their employers. They tend to offer very good coverage for a range of medical issues. You pay just the same amount towards the health plan as every other employee. Only some plans choose to cover the employer's spouse so it is important to forward any questions regarding this to the HR department. 2. What kind of cover do I ... Read more

Expats tracking down forgotten pensions

British expatriates are making more of an effort to find the pensions they lost track of when moving abroad.The deVere Group alone helped to recover some £56 million in lost or forgotten pensions for expats in 2013. It has 80,000 clients, the majority ofwhom live overseas, and comes across the situation regularly.Reece Fallaize, global technical manager at deVere, said: "We're thrilled that in 2013 alone we managed to track down over £56m worth of misplaced retirement savings for our clients."The average lost ... Read more
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