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Expatriate Insurance

The Best Country For Expat Healthcare

HSBC's recently-published global expat survey has revealed some intriguing results about healthcare around the world. The survey of over 10,000 expats arguably provides the most detailed and impartial view of international healthcare, including both the cost and quality of expatriate healthcare around the world. Understandably ensuring that you receive the best healthcare possible when travelling or relocating is of paramount importance, especially if you suffer from any kind of underlying medical condition which may require professional monitoring or treatment. Ageing travellers are also more likely to put an emphasis on ... Read more

1 Person in 30 Isn’t Covered By Their Health Insurance: Are You?

As we age, our medical needs normally increase. However now findings from over-50's travel company Saga suggest that many of us are taking risks by heading abroad without health insurance cover. Whilst the potential outcome varies by country, this does mean that many retirees are exposing themselves to potentially vast medical bills if they need treatment while away. The costs of overseas healthcare is eye-watering. For example, Saga claim that the cost of an emergency flight from the Canary Islands can ... Read more

Health Insurance to Become Compulsory in Qatar

What does a government do when their country becomes flooded with foreign workers? If you're anything like Qatar (or Turkey, a short while ago) your finances start to falter under the strain of all those extra healthcare requests. The fact is that global healthcare costs continue to grow, even for routine medical care, and many governments around the world are feeling the pinch. Unsurprisingly many of these governments are now seeing state-funded healthcare as unsustainable and are instead starting to put the costs of maintaining their healthcare system back ... Read more

Shocking Statistics Reveal the Chances We Take With Our Health

Anyone who has got ill or needed medical treatment while abroad knows what an unpleasant experience it can be. The language barriers. The lack of understanding. The different policies and rules. And the expenses. The big expenses - at least for those with inappropriate health insurance. It comes as no surprise therefore that almost every travel expert worth their salt recommends investing in a health insurance policy before leaving home, in order to control the costs should medical help be needed. Additionally, a proper insurance policy like this ... Read more

Thousands of French Nationals Defect To British Health System

The French healthcare system has been under strain for decades. It is heavily indebted and, if some French nationals are to be believed, also offers substandard levels of care. With the French government raising prices in the hope of plugging holes in their finances, a growing band of renegade French professionals have now chosen to defect to the UK system. Typically in France, charges for French health insurance are taken at source straight out of the wage packet. However the sums taken ... Read more

Expats Welcome New Bonus Findings

While the Middle East has long claimed many of the world's expat population due to their generous remuneration policies, if new research is to be believed then things may be set to change. According to global outsourcing company Aon Hewitt, Europe is leading the way in today's bonus culture. For expats looking for the ultimate in financial remuneration it may soon pay to look at Europe as a possible destination. The financial crisis of 2008 essentially put the brakes on the 'bonus culture' of Western nations; particularly ... Read more

Private Health Insurance Now Considered A Necessity For Expats In Thailand

Thailand has always been a popular expat destination due the low costs of living and relatively Westernised standards for Southeast Asia. 800,000 Brits alone flood to the tropical paradise every year for the white sandy beaches, agreeable climate and friendly locals. Now, however, it seems that other countries are starting to catch on to the perks of Thailand as a travel destination.   According to a recently published book, while Australia may be known worldwide as one of the top expat destinations itself, ... Read more

Attacks Planned On British Home-Owning Expats

Numerous British expats around the world have chosen to retain a foothold in their home country. Most often this takes the form of retaining a home that they can return back to should the need arise rather than take a chance with the unpredictable British housing market. Rather than leaving these homes empty, many expats opt to earn an income from them by renting their unused homes out to tenants and using the income to help support themselves overseas. However now if ... Read more

Expats in the USA Risk Losing Health Insurance Benefits

September 30th represents an important date for any expats living in the United States; it's the cut-off date for a new policy which could see many lose their health insurance benefits. In order for these to continue, it may be necessary to provide additional information to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), which is tasked with managing and monitoring the US healthcare system. According to figures published by the US government, discrepancies have been found in over 2 million health ... Read more

Expat Retirees Welcome New Changes to Turkey’s Healthcare Rule

Turkey has long been a favourite destination among British expats on the look-out for warmth, culture and value-for-money. With comparatively cheap property freely available and a year-round outdoor climate it's no surprise that Brits have been flocking there for years. Official statistics put the number of Brits owning a home in Turkey at a staggering 32,000 at present and over two million Brits visit Turkey each year for business or pleasure. No wonder then that it has become so popular among ... Read more
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