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Expatriate Insurance

In The Light of the French Alps Crash, How Safe Is Air Travel Really?

" Whatever the eventual cause of the recent tragedy in the Alps turns out to be, it is natural that a large number of people online are asking just how safe air travel really is. After all, this is far from an isolated case, with plane-related and terrorism-related incidents seemingly becoming a weekly occurrence; from the shoot-out in Paris earlier this year to the missing Air Malaysia plane. We therefore thought it would make sense to investigate the facts surrounding air travel and see exactly how safe international flight really ... Read more

Sunday Times Reveals the Best Place in the World to Live

" British newspaper the Sunday Times recently released an extensive study aiming to rate and rank the world’s destinations, looking for the very best places to live in the UK, Europe and even worldwide. While the Sunday Times list is far from unique – a number of other publishers have been producing similar lists for years – it is interesting all the same to consider their findings. Indeed, in many cases it is the key features between this study and the others ... Read more

Swiss Expats Plan for Forthcoming Elections

" Historically expats have had a tough time when it comes to voting on governmental issues in their home country. Repeatedly over the last few months we have seen one nationality of expats after another being Read more

Revealed: The Best Countries for Falling in Love

" A study into the love lives of expats has revealed some fascinating facts. The study, carried out by InterNations, reveals that an impressive 14% of expats left their home country for love. In some cases this is because an existing partner was moving abroad, and for others it is because they were introduced into a cross-cultural relationship and moved back to their partner’s home country with them. The new study surveyed over 14,000 expats, asking them about their personal relationships. In ... Read more

Interview with Group Manager Lee Gerry

" This interview originally appeared on Read more

29% of Tourists Visiting India Lack Travel Insurance

" A recent survey suggests that more people than ever before are taking risks by not investing in health insurance before leaving home. Worse, it seems that the countries that are most prone to problems and accidents – where insurance is of greatest importance – are the very same ones where the fewest tourists actually possess insurance. The investigation by the Post Office asked long-haul travellers about their recent travels, together with the insurance arrangements they’d made. The anonymous survey makes some ... Read more

Oman Struggles with Uninsured Expats Requiring Medical Care

Oman has always been a draw for expat workers, especially blue-collar employees from India and Bangladesh. In many cases these expats – typically working in the construction field – can earn far more money by temporarily leaving their home country in favour of the Middle East. For many, finding work in Oman has become the difference between subsistence and being able to put away money for the future. On the other hand, despite all the benefits for expats moving to Oman, there ... Read more

UAE Plans Changes to Save On Expat Healthcare

According to recent statistics, almost 90% of the population of the United Arab Emirates is made up of expats. Whilst the UAE manages to draw expats from all round the world, it is particularly popular among Asians from developing countries, who move here to work in the burgeoning construction industry. At last count, Asians made up 54.4% of the expat population, many hailing from the poorer countries where healthcare is not up to the standards offered in the UAE. As a result, ... Read more

Up To 20% of Indian Companies Hiring Expats for Executive Positions

India's rapidly growing population - and economy - is seeing it gain ever more importance on an international scale. Like China, this powerhouse of commerce is being viewed with ever more jealousy by competing neighbours, as it successfully draws in ever more talent and investment from other countries. Now, it seems as though a tipping point has been reached, as many large companies in India are seeking to firmly establish themselves on the international stage. But how does a company become ... Read more

The Top Reasons Why Expats Leave the UK

The British Isles have the 8th highest level of expatriation anywhere in the world. Every day, roughly 400 Brits leave our shores to begin a new life abroad. The total number of Brits living as expats is now estimated to be 5.5 million worldwide. In other words, there are an awful lot of Brits scattered all around the world. The obvious questions when it comes to UK expats is where they're going, why they're choosing to leave and how long they're ... Read more
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