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Expatriate Insurance

How does your TravelCare policy respond in light of the Hong Kong airport occupation and flight cancellations?

Hong Kong International Airport, on the island of Chek Lap Kok, is the world’s 8th busiest airport by passenger numbers. Therefore, the recent protests which has resulted in the closure of the airport and wholesale cancellation of flights has impacted a huge number of airlines and their/our customers. Accordingly, for our customers who are travelling to and from Hong Kong, or using Chek Lap Kok airport as a hub for onward flights, we want to clarify how their TravelCare International Travel Insurance ... Read more

How Could You Be Affected by a No-Deal Brexit?

The UK is supposed to be leaving the European Union on Friday 29th March. However, despite the short time frame, everything still seems relatively murky in terms of a final decision. If Theresa May fails to win Parliament over with her revised withdrawal agreement there will be another vote. This will allow Members of Parliament to vote to leave the EU without a deal – this is known as a no deal Brexit. Many people are understandably worried as the outcome of ... Read more

Zika Virus: What Travellers Need to Know

One of the most hotly-discussed topics among travellers at present is the growing threat of Zika. But what really is Zika, what are the real risks and how should you protect yourself from them? Zika is a virus carried by mosquitoes; primarily the Aedes aegypti mosquito. Rather like malaria, one contracts it mainly from being bitten by an infected mosquito. At present medical authorities are unsure of whether the virus may be passed from person-to-person such as during intercourse but current recommendations ... Read more

20% of Brits Travel Abroad Without Insurance

According to travel association ABTA more than one in five Brits travels abroad without taking out any form of health insurance. The recently-published statistics suggest that the problems are actually worsening, particularly among young people. ABTA’s research suggests that last year 22% of travellers aged between 16 and 24 travelled abroad without proper insurance cover. This year that figure has ballooned to an astonishing 33%. Clearly a third of young travellers are taking unnecessary risks with their health by not properly covering themselves ... Read more

Accident Lawyer Reveals Most Dangerous Holiday Destinations

Nick Harris of Simpson Millar solicitors is probably not a very popular man among holiday companies. The reason? He’s an expert at helping those injured on holiday to claim suitable compensation for the accidents that have befallen them. As it turns out, accidents and emergencies abroad are far more common than you might imagine. So while we’d all like to think that our two weeks in the sun turn out to be the best time of the year, the reality is that ... Read more

Brits Pay Out £250 Per Accident Abroad

A new study claims that British holiday-makers suffer more unfortunate accidents and injuries abroad than you might imagine – and they are paying out an average of £250 per incident. These payments are often being made even by those possessing a European Health Insurance Card – long assumed by many people as a free alternative to expensive health insurance. Now, it seems, the reality is rather different. Common accidents and injuries while abroad can include dehydration, serious sunburn and food poisoning, not to ... Read more

Euro:Dollar Exchange Rate Causes Woe For Expats

One of the benefits of an expatriate lifestyle is the so-called principle of “geo-arbitrage” – simply that some currencies are worth more than others, and that as a result products and services cost different amounts in different countries. This is one reason why so many retirees opt to retire to “cheaper” countries and why areas like the Philippines and Ecuador have long been popular tourist destinations. Quite simply, visitors to these countries from Western, first-world nations are able to leverage their home ... Read more

Travel Insurance Blunder Causes Heartache in Australia

British student Sam Corria got more than he bargained for while travelling around Australia, when the vehicle he was in left the road and rolled over 4 times. Left unconscious from the accident which could have ended so horribly Sam was lucky enough to survive – albeit with some terrible injuries. The horrific accident has left the 18 year old with significant brain injuries and – thanks to a travel insurance blunder – difficulties returning to the UK. After being dragged from ... Read more

What Happens To Your Life Insurance Policy If You Move Abroad?

Read more

40% of Americans Fail To Take Their Vacation Time

" In a shocking and depressing indication of the state of many people’s working lives, a new study from the US Travel Association suggests that as many as four in ten US workers fail to take their full complement of holiday days each year. The study found that the average American missed out on an average of 5.7 days of approved vacation time per year, largely due to the feeling of being overworked in their employment. Despite being given the opportunity to take vacation, it seems, many workers ... Read more
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