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Can You Travel the World Without Savings?

There is one thing holding many people back from exploring the world. Money. Many people are understandably fearful of quitting their jobs (or taking a sabbatical) and globe trotting if they haven’t got any money in the bank. Quite rightly, being able to afford a plane ticket can be a dilemma in itself. However, you by no means have to be well off to travel.

Working abroad

For those who want to live abroad but can’t afford to treat it as a jolly, becoming employed is a sure-fire way to ensure you have an income. Furthermore, it’s a fantastic way to meet people. Being open minded to different types of roles is best and it is unlikely you will secure the same role as you have at home. Typical jobs include:

  • Bartending
  • Waitressing
  • Au pair
  • Dive instructor
  • Holiday rep or entertainer
  • Tour guide
  • Farm hand

Working overseas can seem daunting, but plenty of people do it to fund their travels. It is a means to an end, if you don’t enjoy the work, just remember it’s allowing you the opportunity to see the world. Most jobs require little in the way of work experience or qualifications.

Teaching English

For those who are fluent in English one of the best ways to make money abroad is to teach English. For many travellers, the income from teaching English is solid enough to enable them to settle in a country for a period of time if they wish. It is a particular popular option for travellers wishing to head to Asian countries where they are desperate for English teachers – some companies will even pay for flights to get you over there.

For the tech-savvy amongst travellers, there are also companies set up that allow you to teach English virtually. This means you can hold down employment as long as you have a decent wi-fi connection, allowing you to chop and change between countries as it suits you.


If the flight is the only hurdle stopping you from travelling get onto the internet immediately. If you aren’t an experienced traveller, you may automatically assume that flights are expensive. However, there ways of making it attainable.

Skyscanner is a fantastic place to start. Enter where you want to travel to, from which airport, and the tool will pull together the prices from all airlines. You can leave the ‘from’ airport section blank – flights are often most expensive from Heathrow and Gatwick, so you may find a bargain elsewhere. You may also find that flights with multiple layovers or long layovers are better for your pocket.

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