Do I Need Specific Travel Insurance for Working Abroad?

Whenever you go away, you’ll likely already be getting international travel insurance. But if you’re going abroad to work, whether for a business trip or if you’re moving overseas, you’ll need specific travel insurance for working abroad.

Why Can’t I Use Normal Travel Insurance When Working Abroad?

Most travel insurance policies are only intended to cover leisure activities. So, whilst you might be covered if you hurt yourself on a hike, or taking part in watersports, these policies won’t cover you for activities that you undertake for work purposes.

This means that if you only get normal travel insurance and then you suffer an injury when working – whether that be working in a bar or restaurant, undertaking clerical work, or working on a farm, the insurance policy probably won’t cover you for the treatment you have done. So, you’ll likely find yourself out of pocket, having to pay thousands for the treatment yourself.

I’m Only Working Abroad for a Short Business Trip – Do I Still Need Working Travel Insurance?

Whatever the length of time that you’ll be working abroad, you’ll need to ensure you have the correct type of working abroad travel insurance.

This is because normal travel insurance often doesn’t cover for loss or theft of expensive equipment, like laptops and smartphones. If you’re travelling abroad for a business trip, you’ll probably have a number of expensive devices with you – if you don’t get specific business travel insurance, you probably won’t be covered if you lose any of your gadgets.

It might be that you’re taking a short trip abroad to do more manual work. In this case, you’ll need to ensure that your working abroad travel insurance will cover you for loss or theft of any tools that you might need to take with you, plus for any injuries that could occur whilst you undertake the work. Usual travel insurance will not cover you for either of those things, so even if you’re going overseas for a short period, you should get the correct policy type.

I’m Moving Abroad to Work – What Type of Working Travel Insurance Will I Need?

Expatriate Group’s Working Abroad Insurance provides the comprehensive protection of our usual international healthcare policy, but with a specific focus on expats who will be working overseas. If you’re moving overseas to work, our Working Abroad Insurance will ensure you receive the best healthcare possible, including for injuries sustained whilst working.

What Does Travel Insurance for Working Abroad Cover?

Travel insurance for working abroad will usually cover all the usual things that are included in normal travel insurance. So, depending on your policy, you’ll probably still be covered for cancellations, medical treatment, and loss of your usual baggage.

With business travel insurance, you’ll also be covered for loss and theft of your business equipment and money. Expatriate Group’s business travel insurance includes loss and theft of your business equipment, as well as cover for business equipment hire and emergency courier of essential business equipment. With our business travel insurance, you’ll be covered for every eventuality for your business trip, whilst also covering your usual travel insurance features, like medical treatment.

How Much Does Travel Insurance for Working Abroad Cost?

Expatriate Group offers competitive rates for comprehensive travel insurance while working abroad. We’re experts in international healthcare, covering all nationalities travelling almost anywhere in the world.

We offer both single trip and annual worldwide travel insurance, so you can find exactly what you need for your working abroad schedule. We also offer cashless health insurance for corporate customers too.

Or you can contact us to speak to our expert team about your requirements for working abroad insurance.

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