Expatriate Healthcare Scores 4 Star Rating in Latest Report

At Expatriate Group we are delighted to announce that we have recently received a 4 star rating in the latest report completed by

Looking at the service provided by the International Private Medical Insurance Market (IPMI), the report provided us as a business, and you as customers a valuable insight into what we are doing well and where we can improve further to benefit our wide range of clients.

200 advisors and intermediaries were polled to help collate the research and provide the report with this highly valued feedback. They took seven elements of service and scored them accordingly.

Customers Benefit most with Expatriate Healthcare

What was especially pleasing for us was the particularly high scores in the four areas that were customer specific. Helping enforce our belief that, prioritizing individuals is key to the development of the business and our service.

Ranked highly with names such as AXA, Bupa, and Cigna we were truly honoured to find ourselves among such esteemed businesses.

It is encouraging to see that the work being put in across our business is giving our customers confidence that the Expatriate Group is one that can look after their needs when living abroad. Finishing in the top 5 in the 4 areas of consumer interest helps us to also set new goals as in the next report we will endeavour to break the top 3. The results of these 4 key areas are below:

Scores out of 100:

Quote and application support 78.9 5th
Speed of response 77.2 5th
Staff expertise and problem solving 79.4 3rd
Appreciating and developing my business 74.3 5th

Quote and Application Support

This section of the report scored an average of 73.1, the highest in the whole report and we were delighted to achieve close to 80 with a fantastic 78.9. Within the 200 verified advisors, brokers and consultants that took part in independent market research, 88.5% of them believed this category to be very or fairly important.

Speed of Response

Ranking 5th here as well, speed of response was another section of this report that found us performing well. Appearing above companies such as Bupa and Axa in this particular category was deemed the most important by advisors of all seven that were polled. A staggering 90.5% of respondents saying it was, “very or fairly important.”

Staff Expertise and Problem Solving

A tremendous third place in this category gives us confidence in our teams and allows us to continue developing. Just marginally behind AXA in second place, we aim to take this result as a huge positive but also see what changes we can make to push ourselves further forward.

Appreciating and developing my business

Overall, this category received the second lowest average rating from those polled and had the highest gap between those at the top and bottom of the table. This particular section was an important one to us, but the research showed that some intermediaries saw this as the least important element of provider service.

More to Come at Expatriate Group

Currently Expatriate Group have policies being held by people in 182 countries. There is never time to slow down in an ever-evolving market though and we aim to keep our broad range of policy holders covered against a variety of circumstances. Our group expat insurance plans for instance, will have life and disability cover, an employee assistance programme and business travel insurance added to them.

Expatriate Healthcare is part of Strategic Insurance Services. Alongside international corporate healthcare insurance it also provides travel insurance, life insurance and income protection. Its life and disability protection cover and business travel insurance are being included for free as standard to all existing and new policyholders of its group international private medical insurance plans.

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