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Volunteering abroad

What Do You Need to Volunteer Abroad?

Volunteering abroad is a fantastic way to integrate into the local community and meet new people including locals, other expats and international volunteers. At the same time, you’ll be doing something worthwhile, gaining new skills, enhancing your CV, contributing to your new place of residence and even learning the local language. Volunteering overseas gives you the opportunity to try something completely new or to build on existing skills, qualifications and experience in an area you’re interested in and passionate about. It also ... Read more

How Can I Volunteer and Fundraise in Australia?

When you move to Australia, it is highly rewarding to volunteer and fundraise. You will meet and befriend a team of inspiring people to work towards an important goal. This gives you great satisfaction and purpose. With covid-19 restricting travel, more and more charities rely on international support to keep going. There are now few coronavirus cases in Australia, so life is starting to resume and charities are beginning to recruit for new volunteers. With the Australian bushfires devastating land more than ... Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Backpacking In South Africa

South Africa is an exciting country that offers tourists a wide range of adventures and attractions. It’s a fantastic travel destination with lots of national parks and wildlife experiences, safaris, mountains, beautiful cities, delicious food, rich cultural history, and friendly people. But before travelling to this fabulous country, ensure that you effectively plan your travel days. How long do you intend to stay in SA? The best way to explore South Africa is while travelling light. If you plan to spend a ... Read more

5 Essential Apps for Volunteers Abroad

Volunteering abroad requires a lot of planning and research to ensure that everything is in place before your departure and so that you know what you’re doing and how to get around when you’re there. It’s important that you are sure of your itinerary and can keep track of things to avoid any travel disasters. In order to reduce the risk of any mishaps here are five useful mobile apps that could be extremely handy during your travel planning and once you are ... Read more

What Do Expats Need To Volunteer Abroad?

Why volunteer? Volunteering abroad as an expat is a fantastic way to integrate into the local community; meet new people, both locals, other expats and international volunteers; do something worthwhile; learn new skills; enhance your CV; contribute to your new place of residence; learn the local language; and so much more. Volunteering overseas can give you the opportunity to try something completely new or to build on existing skills, qualifications and experience in an area you’re interested in and passionate about. Volunteering abroad gives ... Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Volunteering with Animals Abroad

For many animal lovers, the dream of a close encounter with their favourite animal is never far from their thoughts and for others the draw to make a difference in some way is close to their hearts. Whilst a visit to a zoo or helping out at your local rescue centre may be more accesible in the short term, the attraction to work with animals abroad remains an incomparable aspiration. Nowadays, this is a dream that is more attainable than many might ... Read more

On Your Marks! Rio 2016 Olympic Games Starts Accepting Volunteers

If you're a sports fanatic that fancies getting closer to the action that ever before then mark down the 28th of August in your calendar. This is the day that the much-anticipated Rio 2016 Volunteer Program finally opens its doors to applications, enabling anyone that meets the necessary pre-requisites an opportunity to take an active role in the next Olympic Games in Rio. It's an Olympic tradition that began as long ago as 1952 when just 2,000 volunteers were recruited to help ... Read more

Overseas Health Insurance News: New volunteering centre sees expats and locals work together in Dubai

Expatriates and locals in Dubai are being encouraged to work together with the opening of a new centre to coordinate volunteering efforts. The Dubai Volunteering Centre is being run by the Community Development Authority (CDA) and is situated in Al Khawaneej, reports The National. Khaled Al Kamda, the CDA director general, said: "Volunteers can be any person, regardless of the job he has or the skills he has. It is about having the time and giving back to the community." Specially trained staff are ... Read more
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