The Best Cities in the World for Vegan Expats

With an estimated 3.5 million vegans in the UK alone, choosing to eat a vegan diet is something that is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. People are converting to veganism for a number of different reasons including reducing their impact on the enviroment, animal welfare or health benefits. Whilst veganism was once an extremely hard life choice to follow, now there are options in all large supermarkets and dedicated restaurants or vegan menu options.

In some countries around the world, the word vegan is still met with puzzled looks, or you’ll be asked if you still eat fish. Whether you’re on holiday, travelling or moving abroad, there are times when many vegans dread another bowl of pasta or portabello mushroom posing as a burger.

Luckily, there are some cities in the world that are vegan hotspots, serving up the tasted fare and exciting options. Below you will find some of the most vegan-friendly countries which offer some of the best vegan foods to help you to make a new home from home.

Ubud, Bali

Ubud is a city in Bali – the only Hindu island in Indonesia. The Hindu culture means a lot of Balinese people eat vegetarian of vegan, meaning there is a vast array of options available for foreigners coming to Ubud. It is also known as a haven for those who enjoy yoga and meditation.

Alchemy is one of Ubud’s best vegan restaurants; who doesn’t want a copious supply of vegan peanut butter cups? They also have build-you-own smoothie and salad bowls that visitors go crazy for.

Although one of the newer vegan restaurants in Ubud, Element is the place to go for burgers. Fresh vegan buns are packed high with veggie patties and crisp salad, perfectly accompanied by delicious fries and vegan dipping sauces. However, the menu also has soups and salads if you’d prefer a lighter bite.

Edinburgh, Scotland

The Scottish capital has been recognised by PETA as a vegan mecca. Whilst many assume Scotland is a carnivorous location due to their national cuisine, haggis, vegan haggis is available on restaurant menus. One of the most championed restaurants in Edinburgh is Hendersons, which was founded in 1962. Today, it offers contemporary vegetarian and vegan cuisine using local and organic produce.

Ghent, Belgium

Whilst not vegan, schools in Ghent have adopted a fantastic way to bring their week to a close. Thursday’s are traditionally meat-free in most schools and local restaurants are following suit by having a wide variety of special vegetarian dishes available on their menus.

Despite a small population of just 250,000 people, restaurants and supermarkets throughout Gent offer up countless vegan options – rumour has it the vegan beer is amazing!

Chennai, India

The south of Indian is incredibly vegan-friendly and around 50% of the population is vegetarian. Chennai is rich with countless mouth-watering Indian treats, from rich curries, fragrant thalis and comforting sambars. Whilst restaurants serve up amazing food it is the Chennai street food that is championed, with vegans able to chow down on potato-based aloo and spiced corn.

Taipei, Taiwan

The country of Taiwan has a mostly Buddhist population and, due to different Buddhist sects, cruelty-free dining is commonplace. In Taipei, Taiwan’s capital, there are vegan supermarkets, vegan restaurants and vegan street food vendors. Tofu is a widely used ingredient is used heavily in Taiwanese vegan cooking and it is rich in iron, calcium and other micronutrients.

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