The 8 Cities Voted Best Place to Start a New Job

Relocating for work is a thrilling yet daunting endeavour, and the decision to uproot your life in pursuit of career opportunities requires careful consideration and planning. In an ever-evolving global landscape, certain cities stand out as hubs of opportunity, offering a combination of economic vitality, cultural richness, and quality of life that make them prime destinations for ambitious professionals.

Whether you’re a recent graduate seeking your first job opportunity, a seasoned professional looking to advance your career, or an entrepreneur in search of a supportive ecosystem to launch your venture, choosing the right location for your career is of vital importance.

In the Decoding Global Talent survey from Boston Consulting Group London, individuals were asked which cities they would be willing to move to for work. Below, we investigate each city to see what makes it so appealing as a place to find career opportunities and growth.


London topped the list as the best place to start a new job, with 18% of respondents being willing to move there for work. This is the third time London has ranked first in this category, and it maintains the lead even amongst the geopolitical instability following Brexit.

London has a lot to offer individuals. It is a global financial and business hub, with numerous multinational companies holding offices and headquarters in the city. Around 22% of the UK’s GDP is generated from London, and it has more private sector businesses based in the city than any other region in the UK.

Working culture in London generally leans towards “work hard, play hard”. Whilst work can be challenging, there are many social and networking events held in the city. Some will be hosted by companies for employees, and some held by third-party organisations with an aim to connect like-minded individuals and potential industry mentors. London is renowned for its cultural diversity, with people from all over the world making a home there. This makes it a great choice for expats, offering a welcoming and enriching environment.


Amsterdam was voted the second-best city to start a new job, with 15% of respondents being willing to move there for work. Amsterdam has risen from 5th place in the previous report to second place now.

Amsterdam has a thriving business environment, especially focused on finance, technology, creative industries, and life sciences. The city is known for being a hub for startups and innovation and has many co-working spaces to foster and encourage working relationships, connections, and collaborations. Amsterdam is another city that values its multiculturalism and has many expatriate workers and residents in the city.

Amsterdam offers residents a great quality of life. The Netherlands as a whole places value on a good work/life balance – whilst people are expected to work hard, overtime is avoided and even discouraged. Many people enjoy working flexible hours, allowing them to fit their work around their family and social obligations and events.


Dubai was voted as the third most popular place to start a new job, with 14% of respondents willing to move there for work. Dubai has risen three places from sixth place in the previous report, demonstrating the city’s progress as an attractive international business hub.

Dubai has a thriving economy, with state-of-the-art infrastructure and business-centered policies. It’s a global hub for trade, finance, and business, offering fantastic job opportunities across many industries, including tourism, hospitality, technology, and real estate.

One of the most enticing factors of working in Dubai is its tax-free income policy. Unlike many other countries, residents do not have to pay any personal income tax on what they earn. Combine this with high average wages, and working in Dubai can result in people enjoying higher take-home pay and improved financial freedom.


Berlin ranks fourth in the list of best countries to start a new job, with 13% of respondents willing to move there for work. Berlin has fallen one place since the last report, where it was initially ranked third in the world.

Berlin is dominated by the service sector, with thriving industries such as life sciences, transportation, information and communications technology, media and music. In fact, Berlin is renowned for being an international technology hub, with numerous startups and entrepreneurial projects operating from the city. It also has a vibrant and popular arts scene, attracting a richly diverse community.

With its multicultural society comes a progressive and open-minded environment. Berlin is known for being welcoming, liberal and accepting, making it the ideal location for people from all walks of life. The city also puts a focus one environmental sustainability and is one of the greenest cities in the world with plenty of open green spaces and sustainable policies and projects.

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi was voted joint-fifth best place to start a new job, with 11% of respondents stating they would be willing to move there for work. Abu Dhabi has risen a huge 9 places since the previous report in 2018.

Abu Dhabi accounts for around two-thirds of the UAE’s economy and owns the majority of its resources – around 95% of the oil and 92% of gas. Other thriving industries include finance and banking, construction and engineering, information technology, tourism, and hospitality. This has resulted in great career opportunities and growth potential in all kinds of roles.  

Abu Dhabi has a multicultural society, with around 90% of those who live in the UAE being from overseas. This has created an environment that encourages collaboration and networking on a truly global scale. Abu Dhabi also benefits from tax-free income and high wages, like Dubai.


Tokyo was voted joint-fifth best place to start a new job, with 11% of respondents being willing to move there for work. Tokyo’s rankings in the latest report sees an improvement of four places from the previous report.

Tokyo has the second-largest metropolitan economy in the world, with a gross metropolitan product estimated at US$2 trillion. It is a major international finance centre, and the headquarters of various major investment banks and insurance companies have headquarters in the city. It’s known for being at the forefront of technical innovations, making it an ideal location for those in the tech sector. There are also thriving transportation, publishing, and broadcasting industries in Tokyo, providing a range of interesting and lucrative career opportunities.

Tokyo is known for being an efficient and productive working city. It often ranks highly for safety and cleanliness, making it a pleasant environment for residents to live and work. It has quality infrastructure, including world-leading healthcare and educational institutions.


Singapore is the joint fifth best place to start a new job, with 11% of respondents stating they would be willing to move there for work. This ranking is a huge 8 places higher than in the previous report.

Singapore is an international business hub and consistently ranks as the most open economy in the world, one of the least-corrupt and the most pro-business. It’s renowned for low taxes and the highest per-capita GDP in the world in terms of purchasing power parity. Numerous multinational corporations spanning various industries have headquarters in Singapore, offering plenty of opportunities for career growth and advancement.

Singapore is a popular destination for expats thanks to the efficiency of its services, low crime rate, and strict cleanliness. It also has one of the most efficient public transportation systems in the world, making it simple to commute across the city and visit the numerous amenities and attractions.

New York

New York is the sixth best place to start a new job, with 10% of respondents being willing to move there for work. New York has fallen 6 places since the previous report.

New York is a global centre of business and commerce and is a hub for global banking and finance, healthcare, advertising, media, life sciences, retail, real estate, and more. The two largest stock exchanges in the world – New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq – are both located in the city. Midtown Manhattan is the largest central business district in the world, with nearly 400 million square feet. It also has a thriving startup landscape, with an entrepreneurial spirit that fosters innovation.

As well as vast career opportunities, New York is also attractive thanks to its culture. It has a vibrant arts scene, including world-class museums, theatres, galleries and music venues. The city offers residents a fast-paced lifestyle with a high quality of life, with various quality amenities and infrastructure that make for a fulfilling lifestyle.

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