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Bulgaria Expat News

Bulgaria is Suffering from a Brain Drain

Compared to European powerhouses, Bulgaria has a relatively small population of around 7.1 million. Whilst this isn’t a problem in itself, a high death rate and low birth rate has seen the population decline. To add insult to injury, countless Bulgarians are also finding employment abroad and fewer than 10,000 return annually. Bulgaria was struck with high emigration levels between 1990 (when passports became easily available following the demise of communism) and 2007, the year Bulgaria became an EU member. During these ... Read more

This Year’s Best Value Holiday Destinations Revealed

Going away on holiday each year can represent one of our biggest expenses. Indeed, as an example the Daily Mail reports that the average British family spends the equivalent of two month’s salary on their summer holiday each year. Any way you can get better value for your money therefore can represent some considerable savings. It’s tempting when shopping for holidays to focus purely on the overall costs of flights and hotels. But focusing on just these limited elements means that you might not ... Read more
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