Sweden is The Best Country in the World to Raise Children

Sweden has been ranked the best country in the world for expat families to move to. As well as offering an incredible quality of life, education and income were also rated highly.

The Expat Explorer Survey was conducted by HSBC, within which 26,871 expats responded to questions about their lives abroad including careers, financial well-being, quality of life, and ease of settling in for children.

This is Sweden’s second year at the top of the tables for children, with 75% of expat parents noticing that their child’s quality of life had improved since moving to the country.

Education in Sweden for Expats

43% of expat parents in the Nordic country expressed that the quality of teaching is significantly higher than in their home country, and children are praised frequently. Despite many parents initially worrying about dark winter days and temperatures below freezing, seven in ten parents report an improvement in their child’s health and well-being since moving to Sweden.

Other countries in the survey that were rated highly for their education systems were Singapore, the Czech Republic, and Russia.

Expat Child Costs

Parents did notice that countries with high educational standards came with an increased cost, with 66% of all expats surveyed indicating that raising a child abroad was more expensive than in their home country. However, nine out of ten expat parents said that their child’s quality of life had improved or stayed the same when analysing all 45 countries that were reported on.

Quality of Life

Reigning supreme in categories such as quality of life, culture, and integration were New Zealand and Spain. 59% of expats in New Zealand said they were drawn to the country due to a perceived better quality of life, whereas 75% of expats living in Spain commented that immersing themselves in local culture is a highlight of their new lives.

Welcoming Expats

Canada, for the second year in a row, was recognised as the most welcoming country for expats to move to. Two-thirds of expats voiced that they felt at home in Canada immediately and that the North American country as a whole was much friendlier than their home country.

Earning Abroad

Although New Zealand, Spain, and Sweden excelled in categories relating to experience and family, Singapore took the top spot overall for one simple reason: money. Two-thirds of expats who live in Singapore reported an increase in their earnings upon moving to the Asian country.

The remaining countries that make up the rest of the top ten in HSBS’s Expat Explorer survey include Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Bahrain, and Germany.

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