Bahrain Healthcare for Expats

Healthcare in Bahrain has many things going for it.

Not only does the country offer high levels of medical care, but being a small country you’re never far from a hospital. This is in contrast to a number of other Middle Eastern countries where the best medical establishments are found almost exclusively in major urban areas, while more outlying areas suffer from a dearth of quality medical services.

In addition, Bahrain has become famous for its large number of efficiently-run hospitals meaning that waiting lists are minimal. One can realistically expect to see a doctor within 24-48 hours of requesting an appointment; much sooner if the situation is an emergency.

Lastly, as roughly 25% of the population are expats, it is not uncommon for doctors and nurses to speak fluent English. This helps to remove many potential language barriers and makes for higher levels of treatment.

Introduction to Expat Healthcare in Bahrain

As with many other Middle Eastern countries, each of which attracts impressive numbers of expats each year, there is no such thing as a “free lunch” when it comes to medical care. Indeed, as an expat you will end up paying for healthcare services one way or another. These days health insurance for expats is mandatory though this may be provided in a number of ways depending on employment circumstances.

For example, at present small companies (with fewer than 50 employees) are obliged to contribute funds to the government to cover the costs of basic health insurance on your behalf.

For larger companies, however, the options are rather broader.

Here larger companies may opt to provide their own health insurance or pay into the government funds as per smaller enterprises.

Despite this mandatory health insurance via employers, many expats still opt for private expat health insurance.

Private Expat Health Insurance in Bahrain

Private insurance often offers far greater levels of care than basic employer-issued policies. For example many expats benefit from private medical insurance by being able to visit private clinics and hospitals where standards of medical care are on par with the UK or USA.

In addition, many expat insurance policies offer additional features such as medical repatriation and dental insurance which cannot be found elsewhere.

It should be noted that while the standards of care for standard medical issues are considered high in Bahrain, it is not uncommon for the most serious cases to require transport to another country. Even many wealthy Bahrainis opt to seek medical assistance overseas where appropriate. Sadly, without appropriate insurance, such an exercise is likely to be prohibitively expensive.

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Medical Examinations for Bahrain

One rather unique aspect of the Bahraini healthcare system is that expats are required to attend two separate medical examinations. The first of these – typically the most detailed – is carried out in your home country. In essence, your doctor will be required to issue you with a certificate of good health, and to confirm that you do not carry serious infectious diseases such as HIV or AIDs.

This document becomes an integral part of your acceptance into Bahrain. Upon arrival, one will then visit a local doctor for a similar secondary health examination, though this in reality tends not to be as detailed.

Either way it is important to appreciate that these medical examinations are mandatory so should be planned for. When you are considering relocating to Bahrain it is wise to seek the latest information on the specific requirements of such an examination so you can be confident of obtaining the necessary paperwork.

Expat Prescriptions in Bahrain

In Bahrain, it is not uncommon to find pharmaceuticals available over the counter which is prescription-only in your home country and vice versa. In addition, note that sleeping pills and anti-depressants are banned in Bahrain due to their addictive properties. Expats should not attempt to bring such drugs into the country and should be aware that obtaining them for all but the most serious medical conditions is likely to be problematic.

To ease your entry into Bahraini life it is smart to bring with you any medication you are currently being prescribed, together with the original prescription to confirm its legitimacy. Be sure to ask your doctor for the generic name of any drugs being taken as it may not be possible to find the brand you are familiar with – and this can create problems when seeking further supplies in Bahrain.

There are a number of nationwide pharmacy chains. Best-known are Alrahma Pharmacy, Wael Pharmacy, and Bahrain Pharmacy, though please be aware that pharmaceuticals tend to be expensive in Bahrain.

Vaccinations for Bahrain

Presently, besides standard vaccinations seen in most countries (such as measles, mumps and rubella) it is also recommended that expats visiting Bahrain ensure their tetanus is up to date.

Depending on the lifestyle it may be appropriate to receive the following additional vaccinations:

  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Rabies

Visitors should note that an outbreak of cholera was experienced in 2015, so visitors should take care with drinking water etc.

For regularly updated health guidance please see:

Emergency Medical Care in Bahrain

To request an ambulance dial 999 from any landline or mobile phone while in Bahrain.

List of Hospitals in Bahrain

Bahrain is impressively well-served by a wide range of high-quality medical facilities. The following list of hospitals in Bahrain provides details of many of the most popular and highly-regarded establishments.

Hospital NameAddressTel No.
American Mission Hospital – SaarBuilding No 1114 / 116, Road 3345, Area 533 , Saar, Bahrain+973 1779 0025
Al Hilal HospitalRd No 1129, Muharraq 23622, Bahrain+973 1734 4199
Al Kindi Specialised HospitalBuilding 960, Hwy 35, Bahrain+973 1724 0444
American Mission Hospital – AmwajBuilding No 105, Road 59 , Block 257, Amwaj, Bahrain+ 973 1724 8100
American Mission Hospital – ManamaPO Box No. 1, Manama, Bahrain+ 973 1717 7711
Awali HospitalAl Jamrah Ave, Awali 945, Bahrain+973 1775 3333
Bahrain Defence Force HospitalAr-Rifaa, Bahrain+973 1776 6798
Bahrain International HospitalBudaiya Hwy, Jidhafs, Bahrain+973 1759 8222
Bahrain Specialist HospitalRd No 2447, Manama 10588, Bahrain+973 1781 2080
Darkulaib HospitalRd No 3302, Manama, Bahrain+973 1782 8282
Dr. Tariq Saeed HospitalBuilding 284, Road 3306, Block 333, Mahooz, Bahrain+973 1782 2822
German Orthopedic HospitalBuilding 99, Road 29, Block 329, Manama, Bahrain+973 1723 9988
Gulf Dental Specialty HospitalUmm Ishoum Ave, Manama 54025, Bahrain+973 1774 1444
Gulf Diabetes Specialist CenterBuilding 99, Road 29, Block 329, Zinj, Bahrain+973 1723 9239
Ibn Al-Nafees HospitalRd No 3302, Manama, Bahrain+973 1782 8282
KIMS Bahrain Medical CentreRd No 3709, Manama, Bahrain+973 1782 2123
King Hamad University HospitalShaikh Isa Bin Salman Causeway, Al Sayh, Bahrain+973 1744 4444
Noor Specialist Hospital99 King Abdulaziz St, Manama, Bahrain+973 1726 0001
Royal Bahrain Hospital29, Manama, Bahrain+973 1724 6800
Salmaniya HospitalAlsalmaniya, Manama, Bahrain+973 1728 4090
Shifa Al Jazeera HospitalRd No 640, Manama, Bahrain+973 1728 8000
Urology & Plastic Surgery Hospital (UPS)Bu Ashira, Manama, Bahrain+973 1782 2300
Wellmed ClinicVilla No. 170, Road 66, Block 362, Bliad Al Qadeem, P.O Box 75225, Manama, Bahrain+973 1760 0221

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