5 Magical Places to Explore in Mexico

Mexico is known for its luxurious holiday resorts on the Riviera Maya and it’s delectable Mexican cuisine, but if you delve deeper and explore a little further afield you will find some magical places waiting to be uncovered. Deserted coastlines, untouched ancient ruins, serene national parks and so much more.

All-inclusive package holidays are, of course, tempting and nothing beats lying by the pool but for those that are keen to explore and want to see the real beauty of this country, keep reading to find some magical spots that are definitely worth a visit.

Grutas Tolantongo Hot Pools

Hidden in Mexico’s remote mountains you’ll find this spectacular hot springs resort. It’s a paradise for holidaymakers and photographers and is located five hours north of Mexico City.

The resort is quite possibly one of the most unique and undiscovered places in Mexico. Due to its isolated location, which is quite difficult to access it is rarely visited by international travellers and that’s how this place has stayed Mexico’s best-kept secret.

The pools are tucked away between ornate greenery and a turquoise river runs through the middle of the park. The park also features flowing waterfalls so there are a million opportunities to get that perfect shot.


Bacalar is a small town in Mexico near the Belize border. It may be small but it shouldn’t be underestimated. The water of Lake Bacalar is known as the Lagoon of Seven Colours because of its aquamarine hues. It’s so beautifully blue that it could be easily mistaken for the Indian Ocean.

This place is pure paradise and is an alternative holiday destination for those who don’t want to visit the busy resorts of Cancun or Tulum.

It’s over a 5-hour drive from Cancun meaning most people are put off visiting so Bacalar remains unaffected by storms of tourists.

Tamasopo Waterfalls

Another hidden gem is the waterfalls in Tamasopo. If you’re a waterfall lover then you cannot miss this incredible spot.

Buried away in the Huasteca Potosina region, this town gives you breathtaking waterfalls, vibrant jungle vibes and cerulean rivers all within a tropical rainforest.

Search for the secret caves and find secluded camping spots. This place offers some of the best picture spots and will be sure to wow.

Hierve El Agua

This destination isn’t as reserved as the others and is quite a popular tourist spot but that doesn’t make it any less astonishing.

Find impressive mineral formations, a petrified waterfall and natural cliffside infinity pools all located on top of a mountain proving panoramic views of the Mexican landscape. Does it get any better than that?

This has got to be one of Mexico’s most magical places.

Oaxaca City

Last, but certainly not least is Oaxaca City. If you’re seeking fantastic gastronomy, culture and beaches this is the place to go.

It’s a little different to the natural wonders that have been included so far but this city is magical in so many different ways.

It’s been named a UNESCO World Heritage site because of both its natural and man-made beauty. The city is known for its primitive people and ancient cultures in addition to its energetic art scene.

Oaxaca is surrounded by deserted stretches of coastline and thick forests populated by photogenic waterfalls.

There’s no denying that Mexico is magical and this is just a small selection of the epic places this country has to offer. Find out more about travelling in Mexico.

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