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Worldwide Medical Insurance News: Wear goggles while skiing

People who choose to move abroad to a cold destination in which skiing is a common winter pursuit have been advised to wear goggles at all times.

Al Morgan, information and advice manager at the, explained there are health and safety benefits to choosing goggles, rather than glasses or, worse still, no protection at all.

He said snow will not get behind the lens of a pair of goggles and interfere with people's vision or the health of their eyes.

Comparing goggles to glasses, Mr Morgan stated: "Goggles are much softer and more forgiving if you do take a tumble and you are less likely to lose them if you do fall."

Wearing them could make expats less likely to require the services of an international healthcare provider.

They will also ensure they are in a position to enjoy the very best of the ski slopes around their home without the fear of hurting their eyes.

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