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Worldwide Medical Insurance News: Spain has 'great' lifestyle

Expatriates with relocating abroad to Spain can look forwards to a "great" lifestyle.

This is according to director Ben Curtis, who claimed people can experience "all of the best facets of Spanish life" the moment they land on its shores.

He noted integration into the culture can occur faster if people know the language, so recommended that people learn as much as possible before arriving or as soon as they do.

It is "the most important first step" to experiencing the real Spain, the expert declared.

Most people will not undergo a culture-shock in the nation and if they arrive with an open mind, they will not find it difficult to adjust to local customs, Mr Curtis asserted.

However, English is not particularly widely-spoken in banks, restaurants, bars and other premises so the transition is made simpler by learning Spanish, he continued.

Individuals who move to the country can enjoy the "outdoor terraza lifestyle, the great food, glorious weather" and the amicable Spaniards, the expert asserted.

He said it is quite easy to arrive in the nation and "spend your time in expat-run bars with other expats" but this is not the way to truly enjoy the country.

Some expatriates can find the Spanish timetable to be a confusing feature of life in the country, Mr Curtis explained, adding that lunch is generally at 14:00 Central European Time, while supper comes later than 21:00 and people will wait until after 22:00 before going out on Saturdays.

The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office notes the rules and customs for driving are different than in other countries.

Motorists have to carry reflective jackets for every person in the car, two red warning triangles, a spare wheel and light bulbs, tools and an extra pair of glasses if they are needed for operating vehicles, the body states.

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