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Worldwide Medical Insurance News: Smoothies 'are good for youngsters'

Expatriate international health insurance customers may wish to begin making healthy smoothies, as this has been said to be a good method of providing youngsters with adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Nutritionist Fiona Kirk called this "a great way of getting greens into children's diets".

She noted products such as lettuce, water cress, spinach and other vegetables can be put into these drinks, which provide people with additional nutrients.

Smoothies should be "really tasty" and full of healthy ingredients, the expert declared, advising the use of cherries and berries in them.

This is because these fruits contain high levels of antioxidants and vitamin C, Ms Kirk asserted, adding that a "good cross section of fruits" is also beneficial.

Part of the reason some people prefer buying these products in supermarkets rather than creating them at home is because juicers and blenders can be difficult to clean, she declared.

The expert noted that hand blenders can be utilised, which may make it simpler to prepare smoothies "as long as it doesn't go all over the kitchen".

When these are home-made, the overall cost can be significantly lower, with slightly damaged or bruised fruits and vegetables blending exceptionally well, she claimed.

Furthermore, they will be fresher and purer than those bought from a store, which is "better from a nutritional point of view," Ms Kirk continued.

When picking smoothies up in a shop, the expert suggested that people should find the most expensive ones or those with the shortest shelf-life, as they are less likely to have been processed intensively.

However, the best products can often be found in the reduced section of supermarkets, as they reach their sell-by date quickly, she argued.

Youngsters should not be provided with fizzy, sugary drinks, Slimming World nutritionist Jenny Allan recently said, adding that this can lead to unhealthy habits in later life and result in obesity.

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