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Worldwide Medical Insurance News: Pets taken care of in moving process

An entrepreneur has built a business around transporting the pets of disillusioned expatriate healthcare insurance customers home to their country of origin.

According to the Telegraph, Danny Butterfield has experienced an increase in business activity as more expats give up their lives abroad and relocate back home.

The former builder has shipped more than 100 pets to the UK for expatriates who could not take their furry friends themselves.

He told the newspaper that an estimated 80 per cent of his clients are moving back to the UK from Spain.

"What was once a dream move has, for many, turned into a nightmare. People say that their pensions no longer go far enough out there," he commented.

Expatriate pet owners must ensure their animal's vaccines, blood-testing and import documents are up to date and Mr Butterfield's Pet Relocator seven-seater will do all the leg work.

Expat medical insurance policyholders who are considering relocating from one EU country to another might be able to get their pet's moving process sped up if they use the Pet Passport Scheme to avoid the months of quarantine many animals are subjected to.

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