Worldwide Medical Insurance News: Older females 'should enjoy workouts'. -
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Worldwide Medical Insurance News: Older females 'should enjoy workouts'.

Older female expat insurance customers may wish to take up exercises such as ballroom dancing and Zumba. founder Ceri Wheeldon claimed many of the organisation's members have reported that these workouts are "fun and social to do".

Others find Wii Fit is entertaining, she pointed out.

People should only pick the physical activities they like doing, the specialist remarked, noting many individuals "go off on a tangent" in January and begin exercise regimes that are hard to maintain.

The expert argued it is pointless committing to workout plans that will not be enjoyed.

She claimed the "only way" women over the age of 50 can ensure they have a healthy and happy older age is by taking care of fitness and health, "which means exercising now".

People who do so notice they become more agile and their bodies change, which can create feelings of positivity, Ms Wheeldon stated.

Physical activity can let individuals meet new friends and feel they are doing something different for themselves, she remarked.

It is "empowering", as when an exercise session has been completed, people know they have just completed something worthwhile, the expert continued.

This can have a knock-on effect in other areas of a person's life by making them feel motivated, brighter and more alert, she asserted.

Ms Wheeldon pointed out many women older than 50 "have spent too much time running around looking after families" and have been unable to take care of themselves.

If they took the opportunity to establish a habit of regularly engaging in physical activity, they would have more energy and look better, she added.

Senior people could also be less likely to have to make a claim on expatriate health insurance policies if they used video games to assist in a workout regime, as an article on the website of New York's Union College revealed this can result in greater benefits to a person's cognitive wellbeing than traditional exercises alone.

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