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Worldwide Medical Insurance News: New mothers 'should be careful when exercising'

Women who have just given birth may recognise that exercise can reduce the likelihood of them suffering an illness that would require them to make a claim on expatriate medical insurance policies, but may be unsure what physical activities are safe for them to do.

Penelope Fitstar personal trainer Louise Whyte called walking with the pram "ideal".

This form of gentle workout can be slowly built up, with women increasing the intensity of their movement as they become more confident, she declared.

Eventually, the participant could undertake a speedy power walk and could then incorporate hills, the expert suggested.

Ms Whyte advised against "rushing straight back into the strenuous workouts you did before pregnancy".

Even if the new mother feels and looks fine, internally there will be a substantial number of changes happening, which will eventually return their body to its normal state, she pointed out.

The specialist said these will occur for "the first 12 weeks following delivery", although she added it is fine to begin working out again when a doctor or obstetrician has said so.

Carrying a baby to term can result in a change in posture and this must be realigned before exercise regimes can begin again, otherwise the female is at an elevated risk of injury, Ms Whyte continued.

Breastfeeding and pregnancy will produce hormones that soften joints, so any high-impact physical activity should be avoided for a minimum of three months, she recommended.

The expert noted it is "perfectly natural to fret about regaining your pre-pregnancy shape".

Many new mothers are concerned about excess fat and loose skin, she continued.

When the baby is growing, the muscles within the stomach separate to accommodate its expansion, Ms Whyte explained.

A range of "excellent exercises" can encourage this process to reverse, she stated, suggesting "core strengthening exercises of a Pilates nature".

Abdominal muscles and the lower back can be strengthened through these workouts, which can provide a foundation for women and enable them to return to more strenuous physical activity, she asserted.

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