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Worldwide Medical Insurance News: 'Many ways' to minimise hangovers

Expat health insurance customers may be tempted to overindulge during the holiday season.

However, chief executive of the Proprietary Association of Great Britain Shelia Kelly has said there are "several things" than can alleviate any hangovers felt the next day.

She suggested resting if possible, as alcohol can cause poor-quality sleep and despite several hours of slumber, people often feel just as tired as they did before they retired for the night.

However, many men and women will not be able to do this, so a "supplement containing B vitamins" can be beneficial for these individuals, the expert asserted.

This is because energy levels will be sustained over the course of the day, as the vitamins lost through excessive drinking can be replaced.

Many people utilise painkillers to help them deal with stomach cramps or headaches, she pointed out.

"Be careful to stick to the recommended dose," Ms Kelly remarked, suggesting members of the public ask the pharmacist what medication would be best for their situation.

A new product called Blowfish has been created and is being rolled out across the US, with international markets on the horizon.

It contains an antacid, aspirin and caffeine and was developed by Brenna Haysom, a graduate of Harvard Business School.

However, many painkillers can cause damage to the stomach, which is particularly sensitive the morning after drinking.

Ms Kelly also suggested drinking water can assist people suffering from the effects of overindulgence, as it deals with the dehydration generally felt the morning after.

However, she pointed out people who know they will be "having a few drinks" can limit their likelihood of having a bad hangover by preparing beforehand.

Men and women should eat a meal before they begin consuming alcohol and ought to only have one beverage every hour, she recommended.

Furthermore, interspersing alcoholic products with water or drinking plenty of this liquid can minimise hangover feelings, the expert stated.

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