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Worldwide Medical Insurance News: 'Maintain good hygiene' to avoid infectious diseases

People may be able to avoid making a claim on expat health insurance policies by avoiding seasonal viruses.

Global Hygiene Council chairman professor John Oxford noted common illnesses that spread over the winter include e-coli, diarrhoea, the common cold and influenza.

People often come together and party at this time, which could be partially responsible for the spread of these conditions, he explained.

The professor suggested that people who wish to avoid becoming ill could utilise "social distancing", which involves staying away from other individuals who appear to have an infection.

Good hygiene should be "at the centre of our fight back to these threats", Mr Oxford remarked, recommending the use of disinfectants on both surfaces and hands.

Many of these products have been specially designed to kill these viruses and bacteria, he pointed out.

Some members of the public conform to the "new etiquette" when sneezing and coughing by utilising the crook of their arm to cover their mouth, rather than their hands, the medical expert stated.

He said this can reduce the likelihood of transmission as this part of the body is unlikely to come into contact with others.

Research undertaken by the Global Hygiene Council indicated 28 per cent of people do not have any concern about spreading infections to other individuals and do not bother to shield coughs or colds.

However, those who use their hands to cover coughs and sneezes can pass on their diseases through handshakes, as the virus causing their ailment can survive for a number of hours in this location, Mr Oxford claimed.

The Canadian Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care advises that hands ought to be washed for a minimum of 15 seconds with soap and running water.

As well as the front and back of this body part, spaces between the fingers and under the nails should also be cleaned, it continued.

This can substantially reduce the spread of contagious diseases among both adults and children and is the most effective way to minimise communicable illnesses, the public body asserted.

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