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Worldwide Medical Insurance News: Internet diagnoses 'can be false'

Some expatriates researching their health problems online ought to go to a doctor, it has been said.

Dr Victor Chua, partner at consultancy firm Candesic, noted websites could falsely reassure a person about a condition, which would dissuade them from visiting an international healthcare expert.

However, he stated in most instances people have a "common and straightforward" condition but have used the web to incorrectly diagnose themselves with something rare.

Some doctors recommend particular medical websites to their clients or have made their own online content, the specialist remarked.

When the online era began to take off, "younger patients started turning up with 50 pages printed off from various medical websites, half of which on conditions they didn't have", Dr Chua said.

Furthermore, he described between five and ten per cent of individuals as the "worried well", who are anxious about their health but are not sick.

Recently, an algorithm was developed by ClinRisk and the University of Nottingham, which can be filled in online and can tell whether or not a person is at a high risk of developing ovarian cancer.

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