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Worldwide Medical Insurance News: Incontinence sufferers urged to seek medical help

Expat health insurance policyholders that suffer from incontinence may wish to visit a doctor or GP for treatment.

This is "not an inevitable part of aging", communications manager for the Bladder and Bowel Foundation Gill Turton argued.

Although people are more likely to be affected by this ailment as they get older, individuals of both genders and of any age can be affected, she continued.

However, as the body gets worn out over time, problems such as this are more likely to develop.

In the UK, which has a population of around 62 million, 14 million have an issue with their bladder while 6.5 million are affected by bowel trouble and "that's conservative", the expert declared.

Throughout the developed world, as many as 50 million people could unintentionally pass urine, according to the UK's health service (NHS).

It can occur when a person is stressed, such as when they laugh or cough, as this puts their bladder under pressure.

Other individuals can be incontinent when they get the urge to go to the toilet or immediately after this.

Many cases involve a mixture of these two risk factors and around ten per cent relate to neither, the NHS claims.

Ms Turton advised members of the public noticing symptoms of pelvic floor weakness to get help from a medical practitioner "in all cases".

There are products and innovations now available that can cure many symptoms and manage others, which may improve an individual's lifestyle.

She noted: "One of the big impacts of bladder and bowel problems is a reduction in quality of life."

Many sufferers are embarrassed about their problem and are reluctant to seek assistance or advice, but they could notice significant improvements if they did, the expert pointed out.

"If you have a problem, don't suffer in silence, speak to somebody because there are lots of things that can be done to help you," Ms Turton concluded.

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