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Worldwide Medical Insurance News: Hearing aids 'take time to adjust'

People who have recently received a hearing aid through an expatriate medical insurance policy might be concerned that they have not yet adjusted to the device.

Action on Hearing Loss audiology specialist Gemma Twitchen suggested that this can "take time", recommending that recipients patiently wait until they feel comfortable wearing the implement and until their brain is used to hearing new sounds.

Frequently, hearing aid patients feel like the sounds they receive are unnatural or are too loud, she remarked, stating that it can take as long as three months until the tool becomes comfortable to use.

The expert claimed audiologists should check up on people who have received hearing aids to ensure they are not having any difficulties.

Ms Twitchen also argued people should not simply "give up" but ought to "persevere" until their hearing aid achieves optimum performance.

Action on Hearing Loss was formerly known as the Royal National Institute for Deaf People and works across the UK, with more than 1,000 personnel, 1,092 volunteers and more than 20,000 members.

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