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Worldwide Medical Insurance News: Elderly people 'should stay independent'

Older expatriate health insurance customers who are beginning to lose their mobility may wish to ensure they keep their independence.

This is "incredibly important" for the infirm, according to Lili Hoag, senior policy and communications officer at charity Counsel and Care.

Leaving the house is essential unless the individual is at risk of harming themselves or others, as physical activity "improves everyone's health and wellbeing", she declared.

Participating in a community can minimise feelings of loneliness, avoiding the elderly feeling like "prisoners in their own home".

It is vital people feel positive about their environment, their ability to move within it and to stay in a home they feel secure in for as long as possible while retaining their independence, the expert asserted.

As well as being better for the individual, it also reduces health bills and enhances the wellbeing of the older person's family.

When it becomes too difficult for a man or woman with reduced mobility to continue living independently, Ms Hoag claimed adaptations and aids can provide some relief.

However, these must not be considered a replacement for real human contact, as everyone still has a right "to be out in their communities and have people visiting them," she declared.

The expert announced that Counsel and Care firmly supports using technological innovations to allow individuals to continue living in their own domicile for as long as they can.

Ms Hoag stated "a four bedroom multi-floored home" is not necessarily the best place for someone with limited mobility to stay in by themselves and occasionally "down-sizing or adapting" might be useful.

"Obviously doing everything with the home you have" is essential before an elderly person considers moving, she continued.

There are "a lot of companies" currently developing new devices to enable independent living into old age, the expert added.

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