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Worldwide Medical Insurance News: Dementia 'has warning signs'

There are several signs that could indicate a person should talk to their expatriate health insurance provider for dementia treatment.

According to lead nurse for Admiral Nursing Direct Ian Weatherhead, people should visit their family members and examine the food they are buying.

Signifiers that the individual is suffering from an age-related cognitive decline include mouldy or stale products and bare cupboards, he pointed out.

Other "small but subtle key indicators" include a person becoming more withdrawn or failing to answer the telephone.

Furthermore, if personal hygiene or household cleanliness is worse than usual, this could be a warning sign of the condition, the specialist stated.

The Alzheimer's Society noted other symptoms of dementia include confusion, alterations in mood and personality, poor judgement and difficulty speaking.

However, Mr Weatherhead pointed out "there may be some other problem that is mimicking these kinds of symptoms", such as depression.

He encouraged anyone with concerns to speak to a medical practitioner as soon as possible.

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