Why Expats and Remote Workers Should Consider Working From a Hotel

Most of us haven’t had a choice but to work from home in recent months due to the COVID-19 pandemic but with a lack of structure, kids pining for attention and no dedicated workspace, it’s taking its toll on some.

If you’re struggling with the work from home life, there’s another option, let us introduce you to, working from a hotel.

Why work from a hotel?

Working from a hotel means you can escape the hustle and bustle of family life at home and focus on work without distractions.

It also offers a change of scenery, which can be critical in boosting motivation and productivity.

Not only this but if you choose to work in a coworking space it gives you the opportunity to network and meet new likeminded people. Working around others can also be a great way to improve productivity.

As a bonus, a lot of hotels that offer ‘Work From Hotel’ packages include lunch and access to fitness and spa facilities meaning you can unwind and recharge after your busy working day.

Hotels also tend to have excellent hotel speeds, facilities (sockets, printing, seating, etc) and comfortability.

Hotels vs Coffeeshops

Coffeeshops are a popular working space for remote workers and expatriates but in a recent survey, hotels scored higher than coffee shops for the top three factors that are important to people when choosing a co-working space.

Coffeeshops were found to be 10 times louder than hotels and were rated much more comfortable places to work than coffee shops.

Which hotels offer ‘Work from Hotel’ packages?

Hotels all around the world offer working from hotel opportunities. We have compiled a list of some of the best to help you find the perfect location for you.

Langham Hotels

The Langham Hotels & Resorts have hotels all over the world including some of the busiest business cities; London, Hong Kong, Sydney, New York and more.

They’re currently offering a Work From Hotel Special where you can book a stay of 12 hours which includes lunch credit, 25% off dining, access to the fitness and spa and special overnight stay rates.

My Eden Hotels

This beautiful four-star hotel in Kuta, Bali has a Work from Hotel package ideal for digital nomads and expats. You can book a 30-day, 14 day, or 7-day stay and this includes all of the hotel benefits. It even has meeting rooms you can take advantage of and at the end of the day you can finish off with a swim and a drink in the sunken pool bar.

QT Hotels

The collection of QT hotels are spread across Australia and New Zealand, with properties in Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Auckland, Wellington and more.

The WFHotel package is ideal for those who are dealing with poor wifi, an uncomfortable setup or interruptions at home. The designated workspaces are complete with high-speed wifi, desks, chairs, complimentary tea and coffee, a private bathroom and a fully stocked mini-bar.

If you’re working late and get a little peckish you can even order food right to your door.

Sofitel Singapore City Centre

If you’re working remotely in Singapore and need somewhere comfortable and quiet to get your head down, the Sofitel City Centre has a Work From Hotel Guest Room Package.

You can book a luxurious air-conditioned guest room, equipped with a dedicated working area, high-speed internet, privacy and a complimentary energising minibar.

So, if working from home just isn’t working for you, why not try working from a hotel and get your productivity back. Remember, if you’re working overseas make sure to invest in working abroad travel insurance.

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