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America Expat News

Expat Safety Tips: What to Do During a Flood

What makes floods so terrifying is that no country is safe. All countries receive rainfall and, unless you reside in the desert, most locations can be at risk of flooding. Whilst some floods cause minor travel issues or social inconveniences, there have been countless occasions where floods have caused mass destruction and loss of life. In recent years one of the most harrowing floods was caused by the levee failures in New Orleans as a result of Hurricane Katrina. The flood wall ... Read more

Where Are Brits Moving To In 2016?

In a new global migration report, conducted by MoveHub, the UK had the highest rate of professionals leaving the country of the 30 destinations analysed. The report collated data from 180,000 pre-move inquiries and research revealed that three in ten Brits were leaving the UK in search for a better quality of life, and 54% were seeking sunnier climes. Australia is certainly the place for those in search of sunshine, with temperatures averaging 30 degrees in the summer months. 13% of Brits ... Read more
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