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Overseas Health insurance News: Women 'should be aware of ovarian cancer'

Expatriate women might want to overcome their embarrassment about discussing gynaecological matters and use international private medical insurance to talk to a healthcare specialist about ovarian cancer.

Chief executive officer of The Eve Appeal Robert Marsh claimed: "Matters below the waist seem to be a taboo subject for most women, as breast cancer was about 20 years ago."

He expressed his hope that discussion of gynaecological cancers will experience a similar change in attitude as was seen in breast cancer.

The expert pointed out there are a variety of symptoms of ovarian cancer, arguing if any woman experiences these problems more than 12 times in a month in a manner that is considered abnormal for them, they should see a doctor.

These include persistent bloating that does not come and go, a greater abdominal size, persistent pain in the pelvis or belly, feeling full quickly, difficulty consuming food and passing water frequently.

"It is unlikely that the symptoms are caused by a serious problem," he added.

Other signs of ovarian cancer highlighted by MacMillan Cancer Support include pain when having sex, changes to bowel habits, nausea, excessive gas and abnormal bleeding.

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